PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Whizz, many more centuries and you'll be called up to the England cricket team !

  • Wiggle magnificat epic course complete, first off im gonna say, holy christ that was a loooooooooooooooooonnnng way, the climbing really wasent too bad, quite a few long slow climbs, which i really dont like... there was one at 112 miles, which i rember as its obviously the end of iron distance, and it went on for like 5 bloody miles, enough to just about warrent using the little ring image.... a couple of nasty short sharp climbs, one at the start near me called coombe, its a pig, it hurts, view is fantastic! here is a run down of the course, was completed on my road bike, not the TT image

  • another 2 Tour de France climbs done image

  • Good cycling all round then! image

    I did an 80 mile sportive today and averaged 17.8mph (6000ft climbing) and got the 3rd fastest time of the day! I'm dead chuffed with that. What's even better is that I didn't draft for the whole way round (bar a few unavoidable minutes) Had plenty of people on my tail though! image

  • Nice badger, that brilliant! That's a good speed for a sportive, no drafting is great, obviously I had no one too draft as I was solo... My question too you is, did you cheat and use the bar?image

  • That's quite some Sportive Whizkid! If there is space I may do a shorter version.

    45 lumpy km on the TT, wanted to see what a 40km TT felt like. Managed average speed of 33kph. Plan on doing a proper 40km TT when I have some more miles in my legs.

    Nice one UB!

    Raf - what out for low bridges!

  • Haha low bridges... Stupid tits and their bus.... Hahhaha!

    there is indeed shorter versions I believe there is the communicat which is 81 miles and intercat which is about 55 or around that mark, just let me know if you wanna come along il download the route and go with ya! image

  • Another day another century... Well 90 miles so close enough! 1600 m of climbing, 90 miles avg speed of 18 mph, cat place 1st, overall 1st... Me and second where racing it out most the way and I think we had at least 10 mins on everyone else.... Legs fill like mush now though image

  • Great riding Badger and Whiz, I though sportives were rides not races....

    Good work on the TT Cat.

    Raf - we are all jealous, do you have to keep rubbing it in.

    Managed my first ever century yesterday, went ok except for the puncture and then the replacement tube screwed up too. So after much faf and patching it was over 7 hours but ride time was only 6 and a bit and it wasn't the flattest route either. Dodge guts and a busy day have meant not training today and rest day tomorrow.

  • image got home today and downloaded my Garmin data - 10,220m of climbing in 7 days - no wonder my legs are knackered image

  • Ithought of you today Whiz. Made it as far west as Beenham; had planned on heading through Bucklebury and Bradfield but ran out of time after visiting my sister end route. 

    Welcome back Raf.

    Good century ST.  Iron out the problems before the big day. 

  • ST - nice work on the century, sportives are not races correct, however I don't know how you can call a "timed event" not a race lol... It's all legal crap really because of drafting regards too the puncture did you end up pinch floating it? That's a right old pig... Good work on not calling back up though! Sad news about dodgy guts image

    raf - I'm well jel, that's a massive amount of climbing mate well done... Hope your holiday was fantastic.....!

    cat - should of messages me on here mate would have come for a ride after image im only down the road from buckleberry and Beenham!

  • Rest day today due to family christening. Build period done. Only managed 8h33m average over the last 10 weeks image That is only 10 minutes more than I managed for the base period. Curse you, illness and lazy week off in Spain! image

    So 10 weeks to go:

    Longest ride so far: 80mi (x2)

    Longest run so far: 14mi (in HIM race)

    Longest continuous swim so far: 1900m (in HIM race, felt easy)

    My key goal for the next 10 weeks is to get 2 century rides in. I also have another HIM to do where I need to practice my run/walk strategy. Not too worried about the swim but I'll pop down the lake a couple of times. As for running...umm...

  • Scuba - great work mate, overcoming that sort of adversity and getting so many miles done is brilliant.

    Raf - whenever I see polka dot jerseys or goats (known for living up mountains) I will now forever think of you.

    Badger - seems like you have some good structure with solid goals.  Also sounds like you have a good balance (christening /holidays)...keep the faith.

    Iron Cat - nice work on the TT yesterday, seems like yaha have had a good day today.

    Squeaky bum time now...not long eh !

    Keep up the good work fella's 

  • Ooh, sorry whiz...didn't mean to leave you out....well done you centurymeister...

  • I went for a bike ride on Friday, and broke the bike. Managed the grand total of 1 mile.
    So I went for a swim in the lido, 17 degrees, wettie worked wonders. Did about a mile.
    Nothing Saturday, other than a long time driving. The tally was 1000 miles in the week.
    Today, RUN. 21.7 miles. A bit warm, and legs tired from the off. 9m/m but job done.
    Swim tonight as well. 1 hour session. All good.

  • Good work Blisters, great running.

  • Blisters - Your luck is worse than mine at the moment. Hope you get a chance to do some good training this week.

    Badger - You are the stats man, I'll have to check out my hours now. I can't believe it is we are in peak phase now, only 10 weeks to go and 3 weeks of that will be taper aaaaahhhhhhh.

    Brooko - How you feeling, hows the recovery going. Don't do to much too soon.

  • Feeling much better, but not fixed....feel like I have lost a lot of confidence...worried that the migraine will come back...small steps and patience will be needed this week.

  • $h1t just got real! imageimage

  • And I'm sick image no training today although planned rest day... Maybe tommoro if I feel like this it's doubtful image bleeding mrs gave me the lurgi 

  • Unlucky Jamie, hope you get better soon. Don't rush getting back and prolong the illness (like I normally do!)

    Vented frustration of my knee (ITBS) injury to the physio yesterday as I appear to be going backwards currently. He sorted my pelvis alignment out again and got me to do some stability/strength tests for my glutes. I've now got a whole heap of strength work to do in the next ten weeks. image

    On the plus side the weather's looking great for the weekend so I'm heading up to Cranleigh in Surrey to recce the Vachery Triathlon route. It's a 25mi ish loop so may push for my first century, depending on how steep Leith Hill is! imageimage

  • Get better soon Jamie!

    I'm not on a good week either. Just feeling really tired and as I'm doing Marlow HIM next week for once I'm listening to my body and doing much less.

    Downloaded the race pack though and there's no chance of me doing any work for the next few minutes. Like Badger say, it's just got real.

  • I still feel very ill, cant eat much, cant sleep, off to the quacks tommoro, think its tonsilitius shall see.... You will nefine cheggers, im meant too be racing next week in the british champs hopefully il be fine for then! image

  • Anyone got info on the campsite? apparently there is one right near transition?

  • Try this one

    We also need to think about a venue for the Monday party

  • erm does anyone know if the speed limit still applies when the road is closed? I did 36mph going down Howe Hill today and noticed it was a 40 zone - some of you guys *must* be doing 40+ down there! image


    anyway - I did Howe Hill *twice* today image  have had a mental block about it, but it is well and truly conquered now image  i am a happy bunny image

  • Well done fraggle, it's not that bad is it.... Its short and nasty all in your head! I'm getting about 46 mph down there in the dry, will be interesting on race day though!

  • I just had images of pc plod with his speed gun at the botton, booking cyclists image



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