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  • I was pulled over by the police when I lived in Australia for speeding on my TT bike... Speed limit was 60 kmph I was doing 106! The funny thing is the policeman said do you know how fast you were going, I said no can you tell me? image in a polite I don't want too get arrested way!

  • There's some of those electronic "Your Speed Is...." signs round our way, and there was a countryside one on a regular part of a club route. So ten of us arrive at a gateway and pee stop, and I gee them up to have a flat speed race at this sign, further along the road. We started off and were cranking it up when I realised after a mile that I hadn't seen the sign. They'd de-commissioned it!

  • Yay, got my bike back. Apparently I'd worn out the bottom bracket. There are less technical and more accurate phrases relating to what I'd done to the front mech. The headset was a little worn, and the wheels have been trued. Apart from that it just needed adjusting properly.

    Anyone would think I'd been using it for the past 18 months.

    I think I'll use it right now.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    fraggle wrote (see)

    erm does anyone know if the speed limit still applies when the road is closed? I did 36mph going down Howe Hill today and noticed it was a 40 zone - some of you guys *must* be doing 40+ down there! image


    anyway - I did Howe Hill *twice* today image  have had a mental block about it, but it is well and truly conquered now image  i am a happy bunny image

    irespective of whether the road is closed or not - cyclists are not bound by speed limits - the speed limits only apply to motorised vehicles.   BUT, you can still be penalised for something called "cycling furiously" which is effectively cycling recklessly (maybe too fast) and endangering other road users.   

  • FB, I think that the correct term is "riding furiously", and it was originally conceived in regard to horses,  with or without gin traps, but has been used for bicycles. Like reckless driving, it relates to being out of control. So you are right.

    Anyway, even if I'd descending a hill at 20mph I'm not going to stop in any short distance if a child steps out. At 40mph plus it's a relief to stop in an upright position.

    Anyway, I got my bike back and rode furiously round a local 20 mile loop. It works nicely now.

  • Whiz - Hope you have recovered from the lurgy.

    Fraggle - Good to see your mental block has been removed.

    Blisters - how much faster is your well serviced bike?

    Raf - Have your legs recovered from TdF climbs yet?

    I've had a pretty good weeks training, 100miles on Saturday last week and again Thursday, lake swim (2400m) and my first pool swim with a full set of drills and a pull buoy main set with out shoulder pain during or after. Managed a couple of runs and a brick too, so my peak period is starting well.

    I'm going to take it easy this week and get ready for Marlow HIM on Sunday, I know Cheggers is going to be there, anyone else?

  • St - recovered from the lurgy now... Just about so off out for a ride in a min... A bit late but been a hectic week and needed sleep! I've got cowman HIM this weekend coming so il be there, attempting too not die on the run lol! Great work on your training that's really good!

  • Scuba, great news on the swimming. WhizKid, be careful with your assessment of "fully recovered" and stay within yourself on the bike.

    Is my bike faster? No, I doubt it. But it is so much more pleasurable to ride. It hums along like it did when new. No graunch noises. No nasty head shimmies on bad-ass descents. And the gear changes are instantaneous CLACK, and all gears are available. The engine is still a bit weak though.
    Anyway, I did 58 miles on Saturday, at a tank-along lick with another rider who is a solid group 1. We took Great Malvern in for some scenery. Today, I did 32 miles solo. I've also got a partial plan to ride the Tenby IM-Wales bike circuit tomorrow evening, depending on the clock.

  • Just thought I'd drop in and say after a few easier days I'm feeling much more enthused and my HR seems to have picked up again. I'm sure the weather helps a lot too.

    Looking forward to meeting Scuba and Marlow HIM next Sunday. I'm telling myself it's a glorified training session really. Just done 30 miles on the bike getting to work (which is no mean achievement since I live 2 miles away)

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  • Cheggers - Will be good to meet you on Sunday or Saturday afternoon at registration. Do you want to meet up just before race briefing on Saturday? Might be easiest to sort on the day by text, do you want to drop me your mobile number on a PM. Do you know if any other Pirates are racing?

    Raf - I presume you are still recovering from last nights drinking at Outlaw or are you just preparing for todays session?

  • Weird weekend for me. Did my local park run on Saturday morning and managed to PB (on an undulating trail course) but I had to have a 20 second walk break up one hill as I was breathing so hard! On the Sunday I went into the Surrey Hills for a recce of Vachery Triathlon bike course with the aim of doing 3 laps (and maybe pushing for 4 and my first century if I felt good) Ended up doing 2. My legs just had nothing in them. This, combined with the heat, a horribly busy stretch of the A29 and some awful road surfaces just made me think 'f**k this, I'm going home'. So that's exactly what I did.   

    Having a rest day today - I need it. Chapeau to those Outlaw peeps yesterday. Smashing out an iron distance in those conditions is awesome!

  • Scuba - you should have a message.

    Lovely day today. A total of 51 miles on the bike followed by a 6 mile run.

    Easing off for Marlow from hereon!

  • you guys in black'n'yella on sunday at Marlow?  I might come down and hurl some abuse your way image

  • Come too Milton Keynes instead image I have a bike course record too beat... Gotta make up for my shabby run speed!

  • After a hot day and a prompt finish: off to Tenby. In to the water at 6pm, there was  a shoal of triathletes who swam once around the bay, and I had to work to keep to the back of them. That was 30 mins. They swam a mile, I cut a couple of corners. MORE I hear you call, so I went around again, not cutting corners. This time I went much further but did 45 mins. There were some interesting jellyfish, and I hate jellyfish. The water had hot and cold parts, with the coldest near to the beach. Eh? Anyway, I'm guessing on 2 miles swum. Very pleasing.

    A change and onto the bike, seeing as I'd got it. 2 miles out and there's a chip van. Oh YES PLEASE. A small bag of salted chips in my bumbag and cycle off, practising my Pirates Nutrition regime. Total 23 miles but a pleasant ride. A steak and a Guinness for tea. Sorted.

    If anyone's doing the West Wales marathon next week, it's a bitch. I cycled the course. I think you know it as the Long Course weekend.

  • Fraggle - I'll be in full pirate regalia, tri shorts, monaco and cap. Would be great if you are around to give some support, I don't think I will have any traveling fans with me.

    Cheggers - Got your PM I'll text you once I'm wondering round the expo or in the line for registration on Saturday, I'll probably wear my pirate cap so you might spot me anyway.

    Blisters - nice style on the bike nutrition.

  • Afternoon guys - back form a gruelling weekend at the Outlaw - all this drinking and supporting takes its toll!!

    Scuba - will try and get up on Sunday as well and hurl some abuse at you image

  • I'll certainly be in some pirate gear, not sure how much yet but will be visible! Looking forward to support or abuse or anything!

    Fraggle - I'll have a pirate cap on too on Saturday I expect, so I guess the caps may make modern tech redundant.

  • Gobi was the one who always went for salted potatoes on an Ultra. He's worth listening to. I mean, they sound like the perfect ultra or Ironman food to supplement the peanut bars.

    What's SUnday?


  • Blister - Sunday is Marlow HIM. Cheggers and I are racing, and it looks like Raf and Fraggle may be hurrling abuse from the side lines.

  • I'm supporting a non pirate friend at Marlow so I'll be shouting at you Pirates too image

  • Good look to everyone who is racing this weekend.  I'm off on holiday for a week so will look forward to reading your reports whilst by the pool !  Enjoy yourselves.

  • Sounds like there should be some good pirate support for Marlow HIM, thank you ladies and gents.

    Brooko - How’s the recovery going? A weeks holiday is a good call. Have you decided on whether to race at Henley yet?

    Raf - You still doing thunder run in 2-3 weeks time? Do you know if there will be many other pirates about? Is it worth starting a thread?

    Quiet training week this week getting ready for Marlow, amazing how little you need to back off to feel like your not doing much. Shoulder seems to be holding up under swimming pressure now.

  • Feel like I've actually done some proper 'training' this week as I dug the HR monitor out again! HR still to high on the run - in the last 2 months my 'comfortable' pace seems to have creeped up - or is it down? I need to force myself to run slower!

    Scuba - yep still going to TR24. There's me, Happychap, Trogs + 2 others in one team, Toucs and his mate as a double and Doner doing the single. Are you going to be there??

  • Raf - Will be there with a group from the 3:30 forum six marathon thread of a couple of years ago. Will be good to see you there and meet a few more pirates.

  • Raf - Will be there with a group from the 3:30 forum six marathon thread of a couple of years ago. Will be good to see you there and meet a few more pirates.

  • Scuba - I may have 'acquired' a couple of the large Pirate flags - should be easy to spot our camp site!! I'll be heading up early Friday afternoon

  • What is TR24?

  • Thunder Run 24 - a 24 hour relay race.

  • Ohhhh sounds fun you racing that then? By fun I mean mental

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