PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Whiz - it's a 10k technical offroad loop which is done as a relay in teams of 2, 5, 8 or solo if you are as mad as Donna K. Great fun last year and looking forward to it again, will probably do 5 or 6 laps over the 24 hrs.

  • Solo?!? Sod that for a game of soldiers... I did a 24 hr mountain bike enduro solo once... Was talking too myself and hallucinating slightly by the end of it....

  • I bet your arse was talking too, after all that time in the saddle.

  • What:
    PB (distance)
    3900m open water in lake. The owner declared that it was too warm for a wettie, so I did it without one. JamieWhiz (I'm crap at swimming) may have done it in 1hr 10m, but I truly set realistic targets. 1hr 45m.
    But it's a jobbie done.

    Tommorrow I am going to do one of two things on my bike. Either die, or get a great suntan. Target is Severn Bridge (65 miles).

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Are any of you camping over the challenge Henley weekend? I'm thinking of coming down to support and volunteering as a helper.

  • This has probably been asked alrewdy, but is everyone camping?  or can you recomend a camp site.

    I'm down to do the 1/2 distance.

  • Camp site - not sure where ever one else is staying.

  • Premier Inn Marlow. (2 rooms booked)

    I am starting to get rebellion from the family, so may release one of the rooms. In fact, if they all piss about, I may release both rooms and go camping.

  • Hi everyone, is this the Tri on the 18th of August?

    Me and my girlfriend are going to sign up for the Olympic, so I was going to say I have a spare mattress that can accommodate two people if that helps.

    We live in St Albans which is not to far to travel in the morning.

  • Not it's 8th September weejb



    Sorry scuba and cheggers, probably won't be able to come ut and support tomorrow. - something has gone in my back on my long ride today, and I had very very painful sciatica for the last 1.5 hours imageimage   Having trouble with stairs at the moment, so resting up image


    have a good race - look forwards to reports tomorrow image

  • I'm on the camp site but am renting a static caravan for a few creature comforts.

  • That's no good fraggle I hope you get better soon! image

    im all packed ready too go for tommoros race... Apparently the lake is 22 degrees.... I wouldn't be surprised if its higher and wetsuits banned as its a really shallow lake... I spent most of last year pulling myself along by the weed on the bottom lol...

    im being realistic and hoping too maybe match last years time, as my run hasn't happened for a while really due too injury and illness image but my bike time will hopefully be reduced by up too 10 mins maybe... Anyway I'll let you know how it goes tommoro!

  • good luck tomorrow Whiz. Tri20 was 23 degrees today at 7:30. They reckoned it may hit 26 sometime soon!!

    Get well soon Fraggle

  • cheers Whiz and Raf - am shuffling around with one dead leg at the moment - not a happy bunny image

  • Sorry to hear that Fraggle - but you need to get fixed. 

    Now sat in the field at Marlow. Met Scuba earlier and now ready to roll! 12 hours to the off. The kayaks have just arrived! I can't wait to get going. 

    Hope tomorrow is good for you Whiz. 

  • Good luck to you guys racing tomorrow. I'm hoping it cools off a little before my next HIM @ Vachery next weekend! image

    I expect race reports by Monday evening latest image

  • I'm not coming out tomorrow either. Manflu image

  • I swam yesterday with no wettie and didn't even get cold finger tips. Mind you, my legs didn't float as well as with foam rubber cladding. C'est la vie.

    Bike today, 67 miles loop around Severn Bridge. Apparently I have a nice tan line.

  • Race report time! image

    milton Keynes cowman HIM - British champs middle distance

    Pre race - the usual why the hell am I up at 3:30 am on a Sunday was ringing in my head, swallowed some weetabix (no porridge!) and set off on the 80 mile journey... Anyway transtion was busy and there were a lot of serious looking athletes floating about, there was clearly on sale on in the twat hat shop! I also realised I forgot my bloody race belt, but conviently (and oddly) the race goodie bag came with one....result! Anyway wetsuit on sun creamed up and lubed up (I always miss a patch of lube) race briefing done which was exciting as always and into the water....


    Swim - water was very very warm, no need for a wetsuit really, but I swim slightly better with it so why not, unlike the last time I managed too put my goggles on correctly... For the first 200 metres I went out too hard and hyperventilated and went anaerobic.... Twat... Had a mild panic attack then settled in too what actually turned out too be a decent swim... I wasent going particularly hard as I missed a week of training and was still feeling a bit delicate in the water (awe princess I know) came out of the water in a pretty crappy 38:41.. But I felt good which was nice image!


    t1 - t1 went well as always no faffing just got business done 1:26 one of the fastest times of the day...

  • The bike :

    i have been training very hard with cycling as I have been unable too run because of a injury (which I have now recovered from)... By the time I got on the bike the weather was starting too go from a pleasant mild too bloody hot, but that's fine for the bike, I knuckled down and unleashed the beast, it's a brilliant bike course there, undulating with some really nice fast sections perfect for a TT bike, I was hammering along overtaking heaps of people even caught up too the other pack which started 30 mins earlier! Overtook some fantastic bikes including a cervelo p5, what a machine that was, with disc wheels and everything.... Anyway I managed too acquire a "bike nemesis" me and this dude on a cervelo p3c we were cat and mouse for the entire race, back and fourth honing along at an avg speed of about 23 mph... Got into transtion 2nd in age group and 2:37 for the bike which I was very happy with....

    t2 - after a brief chat with cervelo dude I was out quick in 1:24

  • The run -

    i was honest with myself at the start and I knew the run was going too be damage control as I haven't run in a month more or less minus the odd 4 miler (2 of them!) so I knew this was going too hurt... And Jesus it did.... First lap was ok ish but the times where like 7:40 ish miles which was craptastic Really and I was starting too hurt and dehydrate even though I was taking in 2 cups of water and iso... Lap 2 I started too really hurt like hell which I knew was under training run wise and dehydration my times were getting really crap at like 8:30 miles and I was flagging... Lap 3 and that familiar iron shuffle had started and I was walking aid stations.... Times were dropping, lap 4 and I just wanted it too end, it was hot as hell out there and the run was hilly and through a open field, I made it too the finish and my run times were getting a bit better and finished in 1:50 which I was very disappointed with as last year I got a 1:35 but I didn't have a injury before the race and this course was much harder, hotter, hillier, and longer by nearly 1.5 miles... Bike was long too..... Finished with a smile and came 5th in age group of over 30 and 59th overall with over 400 finishers so not bad


    total time 5:09 definitely not a pb but not a terrible day only a crappy run... But was fun as always!

  • Nice one Jamie. Sounds like you did well despite the tough run. 

    Hilly (5000ft) 4 hour ish ride for me, 11 hours this week. HIM next weekend and my first 100miler the week after. Also managed to go down to 4 days a week at work through August so should be able to get some decent training in before the taper. 

    Cannot believe it is only 8 weeks to go! image image

  • OK, a quick race report from me on Marlow HIM. I’m no longer a tri-virgin but anything in the future is going to have to go some to beat today.

    I’ve been trying to think of what went wrong but really nothing did. My goggles didn’t look right before the start and for the first third of the swim I was really struggling to see anything but I stopped gave them a bit of a clean and all was fine. That really was as bad as it got. Got into a nice rhythm and total swim time was 38:55.

    The bike was great. I like the heat and drank loads and enjoyed the sunshine. Nice course, undulating but no big hills. Scuba suggested not pumping the tyres to their normal pressure at 5:30 am and how right he was (thanks), as proved by all the people dealing with blow outs on the first few miles of the course. Pedalled around in 2hrs 50 – some of the time with a big grin on my face just ‘cos I was enjoying it so much.

    My run speed made me happy – even if similar speeds (or faster) weren’t Whiz’s thing! Running isn’t my favourite yet but last year in my first half marathon I took 2 hours and today took 1:46. I didn’t like lap 3 (over half way but still another lap to go) but kept going and ran all the way so I’ve no complaints.

    I loved the being in yellow and black and the comments it got. Thanks for the on course support too.

    I got a PB (it could never have been anything but a PB as long as I finished) of 5:28 and surprised myself with how little time I was in T1 (4:09) and T2 (3:00). 15th in my age group too was a bonus.

    Overall, I loved it. Probably the best event I’ve ever done. 

  • Well done cheggers! Now it's only the iron beast too go..... Brilliant times there and fecking great for a first tri, really good effort mate, well chuffed for you!

  • All - Sorry no race report yet, will do it today but maybe not till this evening.

    Just popped in to thank Raf for coming out to support and anyone else who was there. Lots of support for Pirates but not sure if this was casual or anyone who knows the pirates. Any the family Cheggars for there great support too.

    Whiz - great result yesterday, if the run training had gone to plan it would have been amazing result.

  • Morning guys - good to see Scuba and Cheggars yesterday - hope you both had a good day. You looked pretty fresh when I saw you on the run (sorry I couldn't hang around till the end - other commitments).

    And nice racing Whiz

  • Just ordered new toy to replace stolen bike.....should be fun!!!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    My fixie is a State.

  • They're cool looking bikes - which is obviously the most important thing!! image Never ridden before but its got a flipflop hub so may start off with singlespeed for a while before manning up and swapping for the fixie! image

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