PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Just back from a weeks holiday....great to read all the race reports - awesome performances from whizz and Badger.

    Soup - keep us posted about the new bike...I don't know much about the technical details but Jamie's advice makes sense.

    Raf - your new steed sounds very cool

    Hope everyone else is well, and training going good.

  • Badger - I would go for some longer, slow runs if I was you, or even long slow run/walks. And that's still a pretty good bike time!

  • Woooooo just done my first time trial race (ever!) with the cycling club.... Came 4th out of 33 was really really enjoyable if you haven't done one I can recommended it! I did fill partially sick after finishing from a avg hr of about 160!?! Really great for bike speed and helping push monster gears... Course was 14.8 miles long done it in 36:17 and it was hilly (sporting time trial) no idea on speed computer on my TT bike broke image

  • Just checking if my Pirate symbol re-appears if I post on this thread......

  • Sounds great fun, and a fantastic fag packet maths make it an average of between 24 and 25 mph...brilliant.

    Badger...great biking too mate...and also your run in this heat was pretty impressive

  • Well guys, have a good weekend training - I'm off to the Thunder Run to stroll around pretty Derbyshire Countryside for a while. Scuba - see you there!!

  • anyone figured out this book yourself on a boat thing yet...???

    i am confusedled

  • Why do we need to do that OC? I read the race pack and got confused too...

  • What boat thing??? Can we take a boat instead of the swim.....I'm liking that idea!!

  • Bit quiet in here? I hope you're all out training. 

    Chuffed to have completed my first ever 100 miler today in 5h47@17.2mph avg (7000ft). Paced the whole thing well with my HRM and nutrition was good too. Very very pleased with how it all went. Got another (flatter) one in 3 weeks so would like to go faster next time. Then I'm pretty much done with the biking - I reckon I'll be set!

    Just need to sort my running out now!  

  • Nice work badger! Great effort on your first century it's a real mental boost! Weather was a bit dopey today though!

    as always my resolution too cycle less and run more failed... It was off too a good start with a 15 miler on Friday... Then cycled too Essex on Saturday 100 miler almost dead on 99 too be exact and averaged 19.6 mph then decided a club run on Sunday was a great plan and ended having a massive hill smashing session with them! 70 miles later I was home again lol!?! Soo I am going swimming and running tommoro and not riding bad bad bad jamie image

  • Whiz - Well done on your podium, and always great riding, how is the running coming on?

    Badger - The first century made me much more confident too.

    What’s all this about boats? I need to check out my accommodation properly too.

    Haven't posted much recently due to working and then runners world tech issues whan I have got online. But still mamaging to keep up my training hours.

    Did the "Thunder Run" over the weekend and boy did we get thunder, rained for 8 hours 8pm to 4am, i missed most of it as it started to rain as I finished my first 20km stint and stopped just after I started my second 20km stint. Did 5 10km laps in total and really enjoyed it even in the very thick slimy mud. Meet up with Rafi and 4-5 other Pirates too which was a good laugh.

  • I was also at the Thunder Run at the weekend....and managed to shag my Achilles on the first lap, which means I may have to pull out of Henley as I'm in serious amounts of pain (this has nothing to do with any potential shoulder injury, despite what Scuba may say - that's just rumours and slander).

    Will see how this week progresses before I make a decision!  

  • Raf - you nobber! image

  • I knew I could rely on you lot for gentle words of encouragement!!

    But having just checked the website, I can't get any money back, so may take Doner's advice - do nothing for 6 weeks as Achilles heals, then blag it! image

  • Sounds good to me. You'll be fine!

  • It’s all about the hairdresser’s car related shoulder injury. Seriously take it easy see a phsyio and get there advice on recovery strategy. Blagging Henley wont be a problem for you with your base from Lanza and you are a terrible sand bagger after all. I might even ba able to beat you that way.

  • Raf just go straight for the blag fella! There will be no pulling out on my watch! But like the others said in seriousness... Stop running, don't dwell on it and hopefully it will be all be fine!

    oh and the running is much much better even managed a few sub 7 miles but I am taking it very easy as I don't want to injure myself.. But so far so good no pain image!

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    (cough lightweight cough) hope you heal soon Raf image

  • Raf has just reminded me that I need to get the sheilds for this years pirate champs ceremony, ill contact those currently holding them:

    Fastest Finisher 145 - Cheerful Dave
    Best Novice 145 - Iron Little Sister
    Fastest Chick 3.9 - Meliffera
    Not nearly as crap as last year 145 - Me image

  • The Rank system.
    On a points basis, where only IM distance or longer counts for points. Its not a knitting club.

    • 1 point per IM finish.
    • 1 bonus point for doing the extra hard ones (norseman, lanzarote and [but only if you get in by the honourable route, qualification] hawaii).
    • 2 points for double IM finish. 3 points for Triple, 5 points for Deca.
    • 1 bonus point for every time you win a shield or set a record (above).
    • 1 bonus point for becoming “reasonably competent” (i.e. the first time you crack 12 hours).
    • 1 bonus point for becoming “outstanding” (i.e. the first time you crack 10 hours).
    • -1 point for a DNF (its not a quitting club).
    • Note that if you miss cut off but still finish the course (even if it takes 20 hours) then you still get the point.

    -2 tritalker
    -1 plank
    0 landlubber
    1 scurvey dog
    2 seaman
    3 junior pirate
    4 pirate
    5 2nd mate
    6 1st mate
    7 commander
    8 captain
    9 admiral
    10 admiral (2 parrots)
    11 admiral (3 parrots) etc
    15 pirate king blackbeard

  • Is there going to be a whole pirate posse limping/shuffling round the run route then ?  I have ongoing problems with my left leg so run training has be less than optimal, the 'run' is going to be ugly but I'll give it a go.  

    Raf, hope the calf heals quickly mate, if you can't compete on the day I'm sure you can take up 'chief supporter' position outside the Angel on the Bridge ?  image image


  • Raf, sorry to hear about your calf, 6 weeks can be a long time, so there is the potential to recover (I hope).

  • Cheers guys!

    OK, I've now read the Race Pack (exciting stuff!) and I am also completely confused about the boat thing - which is not good situation for Pirates to be in!! So I have done the unspeakable image - I've emailed and asked them to explain it. I know, that's terrible - next thing I'll be asking for directions!! But I'll let you know if the response makes any sense!

  • Please do Raf. I am possibly going to sum up the courage to re-read the race information this weekend...though I suspect I will end up more confused!image

    And Fraggle, I will be most definitely limping/shuffling/crying my way through the run - add me to the list! image

  • OK - the lovely Philippa has come through with the answer! We need to phone them!

    Basically, transitions are split with T1 being about 2 miles from town at Henley Business school. T2 is at Phyllis Court on the edge of town (almost opposite the camp site). Most parking will also be opposite T2.

    A boat shuttle will operate from Phyllis Court (T2) to the start/T1 on Sunday morning but we need to phone Hobbs of Henley on 01491 572035 to reserve a seat on the boat.

    Alternatively you can park near T1 and get the boat shuttle back after the race.

  • Seconded - I didn't understand much of the race information - though I was quite excited at the prospect of getting a boat to the start!

  • It also looks like all 3 kits bags will be at T2 after you finish...... I think!?!?!? image

  • ^^ yep, that's what happened last year Raf image


    as I'm local I'll be stating at home, and driving over to the start first thing on race day, so can give a lift to anyone who needs it (ie cock's up their boat booking image)   

    will have a track pump with me too


  • I have just booked my camping at SwissFarm.

    Anyone else staying here.

    Re this boat thingy.  Ive just rung Hobbs, spoke to someone after pressing option 4 and they didnt know anything about it.  Suggested I email a which ive done.

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