PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Raf - glad no damage other than pride.

    Whiz - Sounds like you are ready for taper, my heart rate wont peak if I've been training too hard for too long. I'm sure your race mojo will return as you get closer to Henley

    Blister - I was thinking about Premier Inn too doesn't cost too much and nice to have a warm comfy bed the evening before the race. The campsite is very close to the finish and town for after the race and Mondays drinking so might stay there Sunday night and Monday night. Camping the night before the race will be fine if the weather is kind but not a great way to get ready if it’s cold and wet on the Saturday.

    Badger - Hope you feel better and have a good century this weekend. Nice to service the rocket before the big day, what tyres did you get? I put my bike in today for a once over, some not good sounds coming form the back wheel and I wanted a service before the big day.

  • Got some Continental GP4000's - had to sacrifice the awesome colour matching of my current tyres though image

  • Ooooohoohhh I just got a pair of conti gp 4000's for my road bike.... Sticking with the Schwalbe ultremo on the TT bike.... I'm a bit fed up of going out and getting wet at the moment!

    ST - I'm rounding up nicely for taper time... Got my last really long ride this weekend..140 race pace! I think assuming nothing goes wrong 27 hours of training this week... I think the mrs has forgotten what I look like!

    raf- still on for Henley? image

  • Its nearly here. image

    Great lake swim for me yesterday and gave me a lot of confidence. Only 1500m but if my stuff wasn't starting to get wet at the lake side I would have gladly carried on. Slow, but steady and easy. 

    50 mile bike planned for the weekend as a slow ride to sort out final pace and fueling then just need to keep it all ticking over. 

    Raf - hope you are mending. 

    Think I'm going to faint at the thought of whizzo's 140 miles! 


  • Soup - Good work.

    Whiz - thats some amazing hours there and 140 miles is just awsome. What is race pace for you?

  • Good work everyone - esp. Whiz!

    Done lots since I got back from my hols last Saturday - about 13 hours since Monday morning so the app I use tells me.

    Had a good OW swim on Tues, 2 miles and it would've been more but I ran out of time.

    I think I'm okay with my swim and bike now but the run still needs work. I'm supposed to be looking after my children at the moment so I took my 10 year old out with me yesterday. He was on his bike, pacing me, at a faster pace than I usually go at.

    Bit of bike today (probably turbo - looking after children!), 2.5/3hr run tomorrow and long bike Sun - but not Whiz long! 70 miles ish will do.

    Get fixed Raf!

  • Biggest Wettest Brick session pre Henley Half done.

    The weather forecast said showers in afternoon. Instead I got rain, downpour, shower, rain sun for 3 minutes, downpour and so it continued for 4 hours of riding !

    But who knows what weather will be like on race day ?

    Was stood up image so solo ride, not sure if due to the weather or the length of time even though I said I'd split it into 2 loops Of 2 hours each - some people, no training stamina.

    Not TT or race speed, too wet, hanging on the brakes on the slick downhills and riding up hills with cascading water.

    But solid time in the saddle followed by 40run off the bike.

    On old steel stead today and when home about 2 litres of water poured out of the frame ! Wasp sting site still a little tender and some nausea from antibiotics. So thinking ahead to what I can do injury free on my carbon race bike in dry conditions (fingers crossed).

    Another week of aiming then taper time - ah cant wait. Hope everyone's else training is going well. Just the half for me this year doing the Big One in Bolton next year image

    Hope to meet a few of you at Henley - I'm a new pirate recruit.

  • My trainings going tremendously well, I started 16 days ago and havnt had a rest day yet image

    Im actually training for an event next year, going to have to try and wing my way round Henley.

  • Greetings from Austria peeps, and thank got its recovery week as it seems to be Wiener Schnitzel and Apfel Strudel 3 : training 0 image  We are staying by a lake which is Alpine fresh, and the altitude makes anything hard work. Loads of cross training being done by hiking up huuuuuuge mountains, so it's not a complete lazy disaster image

     ( seriously though, I have done some swimming and running.  And we have a mega cross training day planned on Sunday at EuroDisney image)


    good to have you on board red stripe - welcome to the madness image

  • Barley - as you out veteran all of us by about 20 IM races I think you will be fine... Just don't stop for fag breaks at the aid stations (seriously did you actually do this if so you sir are a legend) 

    fraggle - I'm so jelly of your holiday I need one! I have a week off after henley and I think I will need it not from the race but from Monday drinking as I don't really drink I think raf will be feeding me with various alcoholic beverages! 

    Red stripe - welcome hope too meet you on the Saturday, I'm the loud young prick feel free too shout abusive message at me I won't take any offence.... Oh and on a serious note good training and well done!

    cheggers - your a little snake in the grass aren't you! What time you going for fella as your smashing the training! I've got similar training plans for the weekend got a 2:30 run tommoro and a 50 mile bike (with some king of the mountain attempts on some horrendous climbs!) 

    St - race pace is approximately 21mph avg speed, which should be achievable as on hillier training rides I avg over that on my road bike, and on the TT bike I've been really hammering the speed, so hopefully a reasonable bike time! 

    In regards too my 140 mile ride its going too be slightly broken up as its a sportive so I'm riding too the event (20 miles) then registering so at least 30 min break then a 100 mile sportive which I'm 2 upping with a club mate who is also mentally deranged so won't stop for more then 3/4 mins at rest stops as we plan on racing said sportive, the. Finish so another 20 min break then ride home so 140 miles with a 4 mile brick run image



  • Evening all !  Quick message to say hello.  Some VERY impressive training reports, well done all.

    Keep up the good work....not long now 

  • PS...Welcome Red Stripe !

  • Yeah, hello Red Stripe.

    Whiz, No idea how long it'll take me. My 2 mile swim earlier this week was just over an hour but my only experience of swimming with other people about was Marlow HIM so I'll be at the back of the start. Bike speed generally is about 18mph but I'll deliberately slow it down for Henley (so I've got something left for the run) so if I get to the end of the bike after 8.5 hours it has gone well. Never done a marathon before so that's an unknown quantity, done a half in 1hr 45mins. We'll see what happens. Whatever happens but the time I finish you'll have been home and had a meal and a shower I expect!

  • Hi

    You lot are certainly thinking about a peak week. I'm definitely in the winging it category. Did a nice 10 mile run at sub 8m/m, which seems to be default pace. Got to where I was going and the chap I met up with said that I wasn't even out of breath. Bizarre, because I'd just started to ramp it up for the last 2 miles.

    Biking? Hmm, I really don't fancy getting piss wet through and boiling hot tomorrow. Can I have a lie in and sex?

  • Very impressive  bike mph & run pace. Scares the pants off me ! wish i could swim 26miles instead of run it - switch distances around. guess who was the teenage swimmer ?!

    Good luck to all.

    As its my first middle distance I'm going for COMPLETE, ideally before darkness falls and before the pubs close. Compete can come next year at ironman70.3 then back to Complete in Bolton. 

  • oops - looks like I'm still registered for the full and can't find any email where I asked them to change me to the half.  I've emailed now - fingers crossed lol. 

    Hi Red Stripe - I'll be pootling round the half too. image

  • It's fine soup.........ITS A SIGN!.......long run done bleegh 20 miles sucks ass I think I'm the only person on here that hates the long run but weirdly looks forward too 6 hour rides....

  • I hate long runs Whizzo. Much rather bike and swim but I used to love running before I got into this tri madness. 

    And yeh, its a sign - a sign that I'm a muppet. image Deffo doing Enduroman full next year though. Motivation is back. 

  • I'm joining the not keen on long runs club. 3hrs 10mins = 21 and a bit miles. Done.

    Going shopping in a while to get some new headphones - the control button on the wire on my others has gone kaput (lasted 6 weeks though!). Just had 2 hours of my iphone refusing to play anything and and Siri saying "sorry, I didn't get that" when I hadn't asked it to do anything. Poxy technology! 

  • Afternoon all! Well I tried a gentle jog on the dreadmill this morning .. lots of pain! So trying to run a marathon in 3 weeks is probably a little, I'm out, as they say. Time to recover and work towards next year's A race.

    So anyone need a Sherpa, give us a shout as I'll be about most, if not all, of the day.

  • Can you keep my mrs company raf? And that sucks massive dong.... But at least you can shout abuse! Il bring you some cake image

  • Raf - really sorry to hear that mate.

  • Oh and done the bike ride as well now....... Avg 19.2 mph with 700 metres of climbing over30 miles.... Bloody 2 seconds off KOM in like 3 segments however got KOM on a massive climb by over 10 seconds.... However downside I need to drive back and retrieve my lung from the side of the road.... This strava thing is addictive!

  • Great training everyone.

    Whiz - 21mph average is mad.

    Soup - I laughed at your post, but once you’re on the course how can they stop you from cutting it all short? You may have a great time recorded for the full thoughimage.

    Raf - Gutted for you mate, take care of yourself, and do a s the physio etc tell you so you’re ready for next year. I may call on your Sherpa offer, more for the moral support than anything else. You still going to come on the Monday?

    I did 96miles on the bike but after 2 puncture it took 6.5hr so I had to cut the brick run down to 30min and only 4 miles. While I was actually riding my average pace was 17mph so happy with that and I think that may be my race pace. 3hr run tomorrow hopefully 21miles. Then taper timeimageimage


  • The half starts a lot later and your half number is completely different from a full number I.e. last year full number as 330 etc... Half number would be 1101... So looks a bit obvious! 

    Bloody good miles there ST punctures are crap hey and that's a good very realistic avg for you too go for although I'm certain you can easly nudge 18+mph 

  • Whiz - I'm hoping that I can get off the bike and do a 4hr marathon, if everthing goes perfectly I might even get close to 12hrs but realistically I want a sub 13hr finish.

  • Aw Raf image  But can you change to a relay and get somebody to do the run for you?  I can volunteer Mr Soup for you if there are no available pirates. 

  • I think all you boys will be right up there as you've done the work. I'll be bringing up the rear so my first goal is to finish. Dream goal is sub-14. 

  • Complete, not compete. That's my target. My HIM earlier this summer was 5:22, but the bike was 4 miles short. Add 15 mins for that. Take a bit off for my tea-break transitions. Double it. Add 10%. Then add an hour because I've no idea what I'm doing. Prediction becomes somewhere between 12 and 14 hours. The pubs should still be open.

    Rafiki, my family have decided to drop out of their obligations to support me on my big day. All forms of support would be welcome. I am particularly concerned that the feed stations appear to be limited to High5, gels and bananas. What's happened to Soreen, Pringles, or my personal favourite: a bag of salted chips from the take-away?

    Taper weekend. Perhaps I should have put in another ton bike and 20 run? Yeah, definitely should have done. Oh well.

  • What no chips or Soreen at feed stations ?! I want a refund image

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