PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • I'm here too compete been pretty open about that from day 1, I opened my big gob too my cycling club so those bunch will be coming down too tell me how slow I am on the bike... Honestly... They seem too forget about the marathon... The guy I TT with seemed too think my bike time was going too be about 4:25 lol yea it probably could be I wouldn't be able too stand let alone do anything else after that! Last years time for me was 11:09 so hopefully and I do mean hopefully I can get the same swim time this year which was 1:21 and that's good for me, last years bike was 5:55 which is crap but last years bike course was brutal (see the times) and my marathon was 3:38 which was a bit meh as well I'm hoping for maybe 3:30 mara if I play it right and don't run off like its 5k again!

    the feed stations are decent especially on the bike.... I'm going with 1 bottle holder so I need to confirm they are handing out bottles again... The run feed stations are a bit boring with the usual pretzel and flat coke affair... Hopefully jelly beans would be good this year! 

    Badger - you will be fine and I bet you go sub 13

    soup - I doubt they would change it too really for raf due too relay being about 100 quid more or something stoopid like that

    St - 4 hr marathon for you will be easy mode!

    blisters - seriously try and avoid transtion like the plague, if you aren't going forward no matter what speed it's not good... Those chairs in t2 are mighty comfy.....

  • Oh, forgot about the price difference for relay. Good point WK. image


  • Blisters - and anyone else - I'm happy to act as your support crew for the special needs bags if you want.


  • What's allowed in special needs ?  Is it nutrition, or could support bags have other things in such as track pumps, rain jackets etc ?

    Sorrt if this is a stupid question !

  • It's mainly for your nutrition as its grabbed from a aid station, I don't know what you would do with a track pump at 70miles unless you wanna track pump for checking tyre pressures, unless you have very well timed flat... I personally don't bother with it and most people don't as its a faff...

    well not 140 mile but 127.5 with over 2500 m of climbing and the sportive I hit that bugger hard attacking all the hills with some random other nutter and I nicknamed the group the pain train as Jesus pain was involved! I did have to concede defeat at about 50 miles as I had ridden too the event which was a good hour hard ride and did 5 hours yesterday! Good biking this month 920 km since first of August not including riding too work! Bloody knackered now... Oh and the sportive took in pretty much the whole of challenge Henley course... I'm sick of it and I haven't even got too the race yet!

  • Lots of good training going on, 4.15 bike for me today, so as ready as I can be.  Whiz, im not worried about completing, shouldn't be a problem, just getting a bit sick on whinging these events so hopefully will carry my new found motivation through till next year.  My work also plays a big part in my available time and its not been good this year.

    Yes I used to smoke and have smoked my way around a few IM races, was a bit more subtle than stopping for a fag in feedstations.  Been off the fags 18 months now.

    Special Needs, ive only used them twice having once put a tube and extra gels in SN, another time a sandwich and a spare tube.  Personally I cant see the point of them, is there anything youd need to put in special needs you couldn't easily carry with you.  If youre thinking track pump, spare tyre etc, I think that's over thinking it, there will be bike mechanics on the course, and the chances of you breaking down in the vicinity of SNs are low.  I tend to think if my bike breaks its just me one of those days, come back and try again next time.

  • 920km this month (not including riding to work), bloody good work image

  • 45 miles on the bike, 3,000 ft elevation. Still feeling good. I'm ready - bring it on! image

  • Well, if we're all blowing our own trumpets! 296 miles on the bike since I got home from holiday last weekend (59 miles today - should've been more but I was hungry and I'd taken no food or money with me). Swam 9 miles and run 35 miles (21 of which we're in one go yesterday - my longest run ever).

    I'm probably about as ready as I'm going to get!

  • 102 miles for me today around the New Forest and a short jog off in the woods. Avg. 17.7mph. Got a puncture at 96 miles that I couldn't be bothered to fix so I nursed her in. Climbed Blissford Hill with it! (25%) That's me done with luxury length bike rides now. 

  • Brooko - The race info says about the special needs bag, rain jacket may be a good call as would anything special you might want to eat or drink on the run, I'm thinking Vaseline and plasters in case of blisters or chaffing (but I suspect you may be able to stop for that at a fist aid point). Stopping on the bike unless it was desperate would be counterproductive, I would have thought, if its desperate it will be on the open road and you either have something with you or have to wait for the mechanic.

    Last long run toady 3hr 21miles (8:30min mile average), felt good up to 19 miles but even last 2 miles weren't too bad. Quads and IT band were quite tight so glad it’s time to start cutting back and I have physio booked for Wednesday.

    Enjoy the taper everyone and remember the reduction in hours is not an excuse to increase the intensity, trust your training so far and back off.

  • Raf, sorry to hear youre not mending quite as quick as youd hoped.  Bit of a git image

  • Good work badger .... Nurse it in you lazy bastard! That's fair enough just watch your tyres chap.... Nothing like a good 25% hill too make it feel like your going too die!

    cheggers - your a bit of a nutter aren't ya... I'm also jelly of your swim mileage mine last week was about 3 miles! It's time and a massive portion of CBA! 

    Soupy - some nice training and I think everyone is feeling motivated now! image

    barley - good work on giving up the death sticks mate, how on earth could you run when you smoked?!? I've never smoked personally but I know from family how hard it is too give up! It's good your training well too I reckon your gonna have awesome day! However I am abut concearned about getting drunk under the table and possibly dying!

  • ST - I still have 2 x TT's left too do but only 10 milers! It shouldn't really affect me only about 22-23 mins

    im going too struggle tapering (I did last year and did waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much) so going too be stubborn this time with it and do what the plan says.... Apparently I still have a 80 mile bike and a 15 mile run left though image

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    Raf, sorry to hear youre not mending quite as quick as youd hoped.  Bit of a git image

    Cheers -  a little annoying to say the least, but better to let it to mend properly, then focus on Nice image

  • Thanks for all the tips about special needs.  I am definitely an over thinker and faffer....its really great (and appreciated) to be able to get such useful advice - thanks.


  • Whiz - 80 mile on the bike is a taper for you image

  • What Whizzer said: cheggers - your a bit of a nutter aren't ya... (never could do that quoting bit!).

    Gotta keep going! I like my cycling and am making up for what I missed on holiday.

    Don't be expecting any mega-results at CH though. This is tri no. 2 and I'm very much there to see how it goes and (hopefully) get round.

  • I'm just hoping I can hold a decent run, I think the support will carry me around it was excellent last year, I really hope it's a nice day about 20 degrees semi sun would be perfect image

    80 miler is indeed part of the taper literally look at fink competitive image

    cheggers - I expect a AG win and no less from you!

  • Whiz,

    I've decided I ought to put a picture on my profile - that may be all you get though. AG win, ha-ha!!

    (They say you can find anything on the internet - there are no pictures of Chegwin dressed as a pirate, although there are some dubious Chegwin pics!)

  • Good old chegwin what a strange strange man! Basically if I get out the swim before you... Your doing it wrong... As I swim like every other cyclist... A brick in neoprene! 

  • really must pay more attention to this thread image

    booked 2 nights at the campsite - Looks like I have booked a all weather pitch for a caravan.  I am confused as I only have a tent and was after a patch of grass.  Oh well

    Rafi - Me and the missus would love to eat the bnight before - did you book anything?


  • Perhaps I took my weekend off a little too early.

    Glad to see that we have a version of pre-taper madness kicking in. For a minute I was beginning to think that you were all boringly sane and incredibly focussed. Now I see that we have a pissing contest, and I lose.

    1000km? Nope. 35 miles run? nope. 10 miles swum? nope.

    You'll be calling me Red Bull soon, for winging it.

  • Not really a pissing contest, but I feel I can talk about training here in a way that my friends and OH just don't get.

    Blisters have you worked out if you’re going to stay in Marlow Premier Inn? The idea of a comfy bed still applies to me, and the thought of sorting transition bags in a 2 man tent in a muddy campsite in the rain puts me off a bit. I just check and premier inn are now fully booked so it may have to be camping whether I like it or not.

  • You  can sort your transition bags before you leave home?  Just put the respective stuff if carrier bags and transfer at Henley?  Yes youll still want to check them but its part of the faff out of the way.

    Obviously the weather plays a part in what youll need, unless its forecast to rain all day I wont bother with anything waterproof.  If its forecast to to be cool in the morning / wet & warm then armwarmers will be the order of the day.

    I guess what im building up to say is dont leave yourself any decisions to make in transition.  Its easy for slower people (speaking for myself) to waste 7-8 minutes thinking it doesnt matter but it you can save 10 mins accross T1 & T2 thats the same same as a good few hours youve spent training and could make the difference to breaking one of the hour points e.g. sub 14.00.

  • OC - I haven't booked anywhere for dinner as yet, but will do.

    Anybody else coming?

  • I would be interested in dinner, not to late.

  • OK - cheap Italian in Henley, 6:30 ish Sat night ???


    Anyone else for this romantic evening out image

  • Cheap Italian in Henley


    Scuba Trooper


  • Barley - Good point and advice. I need to decide and commit to my transition bag content and kit well before Saturday; no decisions in transition just "plan the race and then race the plan". Your right about the weather, the same kit running and on the bike covers a large range of weather conditions and temperature, and when your concentrating on the race that range will be even larger. I'm still in 2 minds about cycle shorts (thick pad) and pirate tri shorts, not sure the slight increase in comfort is worth 2 changes in transition. Arm warmers and Monaco will do the job for my top half unless the weather is really bad and then I will probably just put a thin waterproof over the top.

    I'm going to join Brooko in the over thinking cornerimage


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