PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Swiss Farm camp site opens for new arrivals at 1200, and you have to have packed and gone by 1200 on your departure day. Despite being a website, they do actually have real people in a real office, and they man it 7 days a week.

    In other news, I've just taken delivery of my latest piece of triathlon equipment. A VW Passat Estate. It's flipping huge! The delivery man reckoned I could sleep in there, little did he know that it was my Plan B if it was pissing down. Tent checked and will survive, but will I?

    BTW, it's now only 10 days to go...

  • Every triathlete needs an Estate. At Outlaw the camping equipment went in the roof box and the bike in the back of the Mondeo, whole.

    See you out and about Siggy!

  • I have a Ford KA, all my Ironman & camping stuff fits with loads of room to spare.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else have the mental picture of that bloke 'Jaws' in the Bond Movies climbing out of an old Fiat 500 and 'untangling' his limbs when Barley says that ^ !!  imageimage

  • imageimage

    ..while I will be the glamourous Bond Girl in the Aston Martin with 007 image

  • Raf - have PM'd you my menu choices.  It does include Lanky's, so I am not being piggish image

  • Want to wish everyone doing this good luck, it's a shame it's on the same day as IMW or would have liked to have come down to support.

  • Thanks Pingu image

  • Pop-Up Schmunks - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    Raf - have PM'd you my menu choices.  It does include Lanky's, so I am not being piggish image

    Yes, thank you Schmunks. There are obviously some people who are extremely organised and have gotten their menu choices to me in a timely fashion - or perhaps they're terrified they might miss out on food .....????image

  • I thought we had until tomorrow?

  • Evening all. image 

    What time are we meeting up at registration?  I've not wangled a way to make the dinner thanks to the joys of having to share a car.  Which is a Fiat 500 by the way and easily big enough for a bike and tent etc.  Mr Soup will be driving me to the start on Sunday then pick me up at the end. He's doing the LDWA Chiltern marathon. 

    A bit of taper maddness setting in now. I planned an easy 30 mile bike after work but legs felt so heavy that I struggled just to bike the 7 miles home.  Its not as if I've done a lot of training to taper from either. Oh well, a dip in the Thames on Sunday morning should liven me up. image

  • Can I meet up and show my face at registration to intro myself and say hi. Plus probably many last minute questions and find out what's I've forgotten, missed or messed up on.

    Let me know time and place. Need to read info on check in times, briefing, racking Etc. 

    Thanks to Schmuck is have a loaned pirate top for Sunday. image

  • Ditto on the meet up and introduce part.  See you at registration.


  • Would be great to meet you all.

    Bonkers swim day for me today.  Went for an open water swim and went further than out of the lake and had an email from my local tri club telling me I had a place for their Thursday evening coached session.  Great news, but they started tonight.   Not wanting to be rude and decline (they have a long waiting list) I popped along and had another intensive swim.  Feeling quite tired now !

    Hope everyone is well 

  • Rafiki

    Apologies for posting my menu choice late. I wanted to eat all of it.

    I'm getting a bit nervous now.

    At least I've got a brand new pair of trainers for the big day.

  • I'm coming on the Sunday to shout at you all - I mean supportimage as I'm fairly local.

    There were people in outrage on the radio this morning, not becasue of road closures specifically but becuase they're shutting a golf course!  That really made me chuckle.

  • Race numbers are up on the website - I'm in the first wave (phew!), race number 222 the number of the mini-beast imageimage


    (and I should finish in the top ten for my age group as I think there's only 9 of us image)

  • I'm race number 198. I used to like to try and get a finish position higher than my race number, but I doubt it this time. I think that it's a serious race.

    I've made a list of PSOF people from the web list of starters, and need to think a bit harder to put names to names. This stalking is hard work.

  • ^^ obviously got too much time on your hands Blisters - or is it taper madness ? imageimage

  • 222 ... thats a nice number Frags!!

    Its like 3 little ducks swimming in a row

  • I'm 443 - wot Blisters said about a finish position higher than my number - that'll do me!!

  • Aww I'm by my old Transition mate Swiss Bobby again !
  • 388 - 06.40 start, some of you get a 10 minute head start image

  • Bella & Stephen Bayliss, also Tom Lowe starting, wonder if Chrissie will be there supporting?

  • Ohhhh got my number 78.... Wave one!

  • I'm 218!! 6:30 start!! Can I start wibbling now??  image

  • cougie wrote (see)
    Aww I'm by my old Transition mate Swiss Bobby again !

    I was just saying to him that you pair must get seperation anxiety when your not racked side by side!! image

  • There will be no wibbling! I'm having a slack day of doing sod all.... image

  • Good luck and good beer to all competing! I'd say I will be thinking of you but that would be a fib - I will be thinking of how far away my own finish line is on Sunday!!

  • 221 for me! 

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