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    but then I believe he left you for dead if memory serves me right??  he came 6th and you came??   image

    Yeah lets not bring that part up lol - my marathon took longer than his bike leg


     Jalabert at IM Nice 2008!

  • Has Henley been decided on, then?

    Regards Barley's point that he would like to see the Ship go abroad etc etc, I do hear what you're saying, but I think with the economic climate being what it is, that precludes it for some many people. I also think that as a group, surely we create the atmosphere where we are and don't need to travel for it? I would also say that the 'abroad' ones fill up so quickly these days, that too precludes many from entering. I'm not sure that insisting we travel is a good plan or all that fair.

  • Henley for the paupers,
    Lanza for the playboys (and girls)
    Seems like a good plan!

    Is that you, Doozer, on the rollerblades, by the way???

  • I agree, Min, I wasnt saying we shouldnt stay in UK next year, I was just questioning the relative dynamics and the difference going abroad makes.  Its certainly up to us to make the atmosphere but it will be different in terms of build up when people are staying at a number of dispursed hotels, camping and wotnot. 

    Outlaw will be special this year, there are so many people going, im looking forward to it more than ive done a lot of Ironman races.

    Im certainly aware that people are under financial pressure and therefore its important to make the whole thing as inclusive as possible.  That said we've in the UK this year, and planning to be next year?  I was just making the point that id like to see us abroad again in 2014, not making a habit of home grown races.  I also think we need to consider newbies who want to do a 'big ticket' branded Ironman as their first race.

  • Cost is obviously a consideration but should it be the overriding one?  We've been abroad many times before, im not sure that an extra £400-£500 (flights, higher race entry) has or should be an overriding consideration?, but it is there to weigh up with other factors.

    I guess the other factors for me cant easily be counted in the same way as money. 

    - Staying in a hotel in a foreign city ive never been to before with a few dozen other nutters, exploring new places.
    - Getting lapped by the top pro's (letching at Chrissie)
    - Being buzzed by helicopters during the swim start, having a huey and camera crew flying alongside me during a climb at Lanza
    - 100'000+ people on the course supporting
    - Crazy crowds parting in front of you as you climb 'The Beast' or X hill.
    - Massive Ironman Expo, finishline crowds,
    - 2500 people at the swim start
    - Full closed roads
    - Higher liklihood for warmer weather

  • I utterley agree, Coach. Just had my sensible head on for a moment there. Fret not, I've taken it off again. If we were to do abroad in 2014, I'd quite like Challenge Vichy to be in the mix too. Or next year. That said, Sweden could be fun. Downside of Henley of course is it might be cold....

    Let's face it - if there's a fence knocking about, I'll sit on! image

  • No doubt we'll put it to the vote and Meldy will decideimage

  • its not just the flights for abroad though

    Hotel costs
     travel insurance
    all food and drink
    motel night before flying
    car parking at airport
    currency exchange 

    and i think a few more 


    where as in this country you can just turn up with your tent and the contents of your food and drinks cupboards.......


    But I do agree that there is something brilliant about an overseas one................It will be interesting to see the atmosphere at Outlaw with a large homegrown one..........and the home ones are definitely easier to get a few days off to support at or get your family too

  • Mmm Vichy.. quality spectating place.. cheap wine, great food and sun....

  • Totting up the expenses for LJS's little Channel swim jaunt this summer, I've told him never to say another word to me about the cost of a big triathlon:

    800 pounds for his share of the escort boat and pilot.
    900 pounds for a double room for a week in the hotel.
    80 euros for a night in a hotel en route to Calais
    350 euros for tunnel crossings
    200 euros for fuel
    Plus meals. Plus kennels for the dogs (around 500 euros)

    And if this 3-man relay goes good, he wants to do the solo!

  • I can completey understand the cost point of view from everyone concerning various events.  I certainly dont have the kind of funds others have to race around the world.  That said, triathlon is an expensive sport and it is your choice to take part or not. 

  • should yhave waited for the travelodge saleimage

  • Seren - where's the Travelodge in Dover???

    Have had to be a "super executive secretary" in order to make sure all arrangements are made and deadlines met, what with arranging for my surgery (blood tests, EKG, physical, pre-op appointment, rehab) and OH's paperwork for the swim (blood tests, EKG, physical), registration forms, medical form signed by GP, 2-hr swim test verified officially and form sent off, team kit sorted, booked hotels and sea crossings. Still have to arrange kennels for the dogs. I come out of rehab the morning of the day we are leaving for Dover!

    Doing an IM is a doddle compared to that lot!

  • DtS Remember the Retirement before you get all dewy eyed about Vichy! Have to say Sweden is almost tempting, as is the Hemley 1/2 IM

  • I did say supporting at Vichy... would make for a nice camping trip... few glasses of wine, watch a few nutters..

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    UIW - Travelodge in Dover overlooks West Harbour where all the UK channel swimmers train - 5 min walk from the ferry terminals

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Dubai Dave wrote (see)

    DtS Remember the Retirement before you get all dewy eyed about Vichy! Have to say Sweden is almost tempting, as is the Hemley 1/2 IM

    fuck me guys - it's taken me 2 returns to make sure my 3rd retirement sticks.  you're mere neophytes in this retirement lark!!   and I think Pebble has retired 8 times to my knowledge!!

  • I did say I had retired after IMUK 2010.... So have one retirement in the bag

  • Just adding my two pence worth. In terms of affordability, it's not so much the cost of events but the cost of living that is the problem. With hikes in food and petrol prices there's not a lot left to spend on having fun. Added to that, the choice of high profile events in this country is much greater now than it was a few years ago, so there are good reasons to stay in the UK as well as obstacles to going abroad. image

    I could be very tempted to do a UK based long distance and a mediterranean half.

  • I echo what Waff says - whilst, yes it is a choice to take part or not, when I started out in this, the cost of living was a lot cheaoer - even if it didn't seem so at the time! The national and international fiscal situation affects us all, on one level or another.

  • MMmm Spectating at Vichy almost tempting, I haven'y actually managed any previous retirements so I guess I might have to do one more IM yet! 

  • I trust all those arguing for the events to be UK based will be signing up image

  • Anyway, we should get back to 2013.

    Who's going to nail their colours to the mast?

    I'll start a list, you can add events & your names if youre 'interested' (not committed) to any?

    I'll start the ball rolling:

    2013 B Movie Event (Extravalanza's obviously next years blockbusterimage )

    Challenge Henley

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    Anyway, we should get back to 2013.

    Is that not move forward to 2013??? I know you have many talents, have you added timetravel

  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    UIW - Travelodge in Dover overlooks West Harbour where all the UK channel swimmers train - 5 min walk from the ferry terminals

    It's right by the seafront and hard to miss. If your staying there do yourself a big favour and check out the sea food restaurant 5 minutes walk away backing on to the beach/old freight terminal. exceptionally good food. image

  • Doozer. wrote (see)
    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    Anyway, we should get back to 2013.

    Is that not move forward to 2013??? I know you have many talents, have you added timetravel

    I was in 2014 image

  • My colours may be on two masts in 2013

    Thats if I survive 2012   image

    (i have asked for the thread name to reflect <<cough>> our decision by the way)

  • My colours may be on two masts but not the same two.... i'm seeking support in starting a newbie splinter group wannbe attack on the "go wash your mouth out" IM UK... and the really "hard" newbies (i.e. the remaining stoopid ones who didn't die after episode one) can then attend the very posh Henley gathering afterwards

  • I thought we'd sorted this AGES ago..... Lanza for the "Pirate Worlds" and Henley for the National Champs? It will be awesome to participate in a Marquee event like Lanza as part of a big crew, and there has been a swell of enthusiasm from a lot of folks to do Lanza for a while. The fact that I can't make it there myself because it's not in school hoildays... my loss. Just means that somebody else can win image.

    Henley inspires me about as much as the three stooges who currently run the main UK political parties! But it's cheap and easy for the southern mob and... erm... other things that I haven't yet sussed.

    The Pirate thing has become too popular to please all of the people all of the time. Worthy of a celebration in itself.

    So I think I'll do Vichy next year, or possibly Sweden.

  • STIL ... absolutely, and there wil always be a pirate presence at IMUK and IMW and all the other places that we would like to go & see

    Henley is quite nice .. well, its not Bolton   image

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