inov8 Q. again.

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Am looking at inov8's for my next off roader.

Would like to know anout fit. From females pref.

I have very wide feet. Like very very wide, so I want to know if inov8's are suitable. I can't wear a lot of running shoes, or a lot of shoes full stop due to width issues.]

I don't want to read any more reviews that say the fit is great as this is meaningless. I want to know from experience, which pairs come up narrow, which wide etc.


  • I bought Terroc 330. My feet are also wide and these feel just so comfy!  I havent had any issues with the fit. The only problem I have is the sturdy sole which is not a bad thing, just one I'm not used to as I mostly run in minimalit shoes such as VFF's

  • Another recommendation goes to my other trail shoe. Vivobarefoot Neo trail. Very wide and toes also have plenty of room. But these are minimalist shoes so might need getting used to if you havent run in similar ones before.

  • Oh what the hell, I'll mention them all. I also use Nike Pegaus trail and Asics Gel Toranas. They have more cushioned sole but are also wide. Gripwise, vivobarefoot neo wins. Pegasus comes second. Inov8's Ive not yet worn in really muddy runs so can't comment but it looks to be decent.

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    I can't wear the vivobarefoot as my foot is the wrong shape for them. I also don't realy want to go down that route.

    I was looking for something flat with little heel rise which is why I thought about the inov8's. I currently run in NB101 which I like, generous in the forefoot but I do destroy them very easily. I have bunions and this just rips through the fabric even though I don't lace the last hole.

    I don't get on with Nikes either, I destroy them. I seperate the layers of the sole. This must just be me as it happens to all my Nikes and no one else seems to have this problem.

  • I also have very wide feet. Can barely wedge my great hooves into any fitted shoes and tend to live in flipflops/crocs/trainers. Recently bought a pair of Roclite 282s and had to put a cut down insole into the front half of them as they were actually too loose fitting around the widest part of my foot. So if that's not wide I don't know what is! Unfortunately this might not help you any as I got them in a sale and I think that particular model is discontinued now...

  • Inov-8 s come in either comfort or performance fit. The comfort is:

    "Generous fitting and offering a more comfortable style."

    They also do a specific womens fit: "Designed to match the unique shape of the female foot with a narrower heel. Available on Comfort or Anatomic."

    So, if you go for a specifc womens shoe in comfort fit you should be OK. i.e. Roclite 268/275GTX or Terroc 308.

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    That's interesting. TY.

    I do have a narrow heel. In fact my foot is fairly typical in shape, wide forefoot, high arch, narrow heel. It's just that I took it too extremes.

  • I found innov8 really helpful when I emailed them with queries about the fit - might be worth asking directly too?

  • Tried many different Inov-8 shoes last summer and couldn`t belive how the fit differs across the range, there doesn`t appear to be any consistency..

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    I have emailed inov8 but didn't receive a response. I guess they get lots of emails and some just don't make it through the spam filter.

    I find it very unfortunate that the shoes that fit me the best are Nikes. image

  • Elli: This info is great for me, because I use Neo and Neo trail, so the other shoes you mention may also work for me - I have real problems finding shoes wide enough in the forefoot (and at a running shoe size of 4.5 - 5.5, except my Neos which are size 4, I can't go to men's shoes for the extra width). I do have a pair of Mizuno Wave Harrier and I'm wondering about Mizuno Ascends for a little extra cushioning for NDW50 in August. Longest run so far in Neos is 15 miles and I'm not sure I'll be up to wearing them for my longest runs this year.

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    Email from inov8 who suggest the Roclite 268 - found a pair on sale so have bought them.

    Now looking for a road shoe and want to try the NB minimus range or Nike Frees.

    I like more minimal shoes. Getting really used to them. Hate the feel of clumpy great clodhoppers now.

  • Tried on several different Inov8 shoes on Friday. I found the 268s okay for toe box width but really noticed the heel-toe differential, and all the two-arrow shoes the shop had in were too narrow. *sigh*. Wondering about just upping the mileage in the Neos and seeing if I can wear them for the longer distances. The lower-arrow Inov8s don't provide much more cushioning than the Neo Trails anyway... Tried on some Merrell minimalist shoes and found them too moulded and restrictive. Would still like to try the NBs but I'm worried that they are apparently producing the minimalist shoes only in B-width, not D.

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    NB's are wider in the forefoot than some other makes. I have been wearing 101's for about 18 months or so. I have rreduced them to dust - 2 pairs but they were always comfortable. Problem with the 101's is that they have no protection from the elements.

    I don't know if there is too much choice or not enough. It is certainly very hard to find any shoes availablr for trying on if they aren't the staples.

  • Have you been for a run in those 268`s yet Camillia.. ??

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    not yet. They feel quite heavy compared to the old NB's I've been wearing. Today I shall run.

    have just ordered a pair of the NB minimus 10 trail. Will arrive in ages time.

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    The268's feel very generous on the foot when I first put them on but after a couple of miles they felt tight on my poor bunions so I needed to adjust the lacing so that they was more slack in the forefoot. i didn't notice any more discomfort after this. the laces are long, normally I have a problem with lacing my shoes up but not so with the 268's. I did say I had wide feet.

    On soft mud, on slimy clay the 268's felt firm, provided grip and didn't slip at all. My feet stayed dry. Of course the ground is a lot dryer at the moment so the test wasn't that hard. On tarmac they felt sluggish but they are not meant for tarmac. Today at a slow jog they felt like they had more cushioning than my initial findings yesterday.

    The soles feel very malleable and flexible. The uppers feel like a great big pair of slippers. Quilted slippers at that. My feet got very hot.

    I'm going for a 'long'trail run tomorrow so I'll see how they fair on firmer stonier trails.

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    A bit trippy uphill on the chalk in the peeing rain today.

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    Just took delivery of my NB's. Quite disapointed as there are indeed very narrow, and very short. I will see if I can't exchange them for a size up. See if they do 6.5. I'm only a 4.5 normally but these come up very small. i have them with no socks on at the moment and they feel like they would cause blisters. Already rubbing my feet.

    Poo bum and pants.

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