Three Lakes Classic 15

Thinking on this one.

What`s the terrain like? I`d imagine that I`ll be fine in Road shoes - ?

It sounds great but I might eod depending on how well I recover from Potters Arf.


  • One of the lads at my running club did this last year, predominantly off road trail route. I'm due to enter, probably going to take both road and trail shoes but I'm sure you'd be fine in road. Apparently the scenery is beautiful and its reasonably flat.

  • A BoltonA Bolton ✭✭✭'s not that flat. OK for first 5 miles, but then you are up against it after that through to 10m. road shoes will be tricky in the woods section as with all the rain it will be really muddy in parts, It's a good race though but you know you've done 15m when you've finished.

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