Compression leggings, any good?

I am looking to up my mileage, at the moment I get some calf and quad soreness once I get into double figures and have been looking at compression tights, wondering if this might help a bit. Does anyone have any advice? I understand this kit is meant to help support muscles, is this right?


  • I bought some compression things for the calf. I don;t wear them to run n, I wear them after a long run. I can't say they make the legs feel better immediately, they do seem to  make them feel better sooner than would be the case without. 

  • I wear compression leggings in the winter, way too hot now though.

  • I use compression socks, calf guards and quad guards from Compressport, and can't fault them.  Got me through two ironman races, and an ultra, with no major issues.  They are now my comfort blanket.

  • I use compression tights (all year around but mainly winter), and I also use socks and occassionaly calf guards. I've tried a few brands, particularly with socks (xsocks, more mile, nike etc...) but have in the end settled with 2XU. I find they help quite a bit with long runs, and particularly during and after sessions when I'm swimming in lactate. Did a session without them last night - big mistake, thought I was going to keel over with lactate buildup halfway through the penultimate rep.

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