Bacchus Half-Marathon

Hi all,

I've had a fit of madness and entered this race as my first half marathon, and I've got four months to get from near 19 stone couch potato to half marathon finisher. Has anyone done this race? Is it a good starter half. I thought it was when I saw the wine and fancy dress bits, then I saw the word hill several times. I'm still looking forward to it immensely for some reason. Latest update. I've also entered the Silverstone half on March 3rd 2013. I'm going to do the Bacchus as a tester, not bothered if I walk some, but I want to run Silverstone. The whole distance. Hopefully I won't need to kill myself to do it!!


  • Ah yes I have a team in this - but this is the fun one for us and we intend to take the full alloted time to crawl around the 13.1 dressed as minions. Well that's not much help to you is it!

    Looks a good one but more for fun than serious running for everyone I have spoken to about it who has done it previously. 

  • You'll have to look me up. I'll be the one hopefully wearing an Elmo suit or something mad like that, and holding wine the whole way!! Depends on what my birthday brings next month. I need to do a fun one first, so I know what I need to do for the Silverstone one that I'm going to take very seriously
  • Ah well I'll be one of the minions, probably the one singing and weaving around from the first wine stationimage  If I see an Elmo I'll make myself known....and if it's not you, then I can blame the dehydration of being inside the suit!

    I'm just getting back slowly from foot surgery after Brighton Marathon, and Bacchus will be my second HM back so I intend to just test my foot gently and have fun.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I did it last year with an injury to my ribs, which meant I walked almost all of it. It has some hills but they give good views at the top so are worth the effort. Fiendly atmosphere, sure you will be OK with some sensible training.

  • Fretting today. I've got three months to get fitter for this now. 19st start point. Lotsa running to do lol
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    Steady I'm hoping you meant 'friendly' atmosphere image


  • well i'm hoping to enter this but there are a group of us thinking of doing it and probably going to be walking most of the way so I think that you dont need to worry about doing any serious PBs on this route, so would be a good HM to start with as u dont have to feel any shame if you have to walk

    Silverstone is a nice HM I did it last year in soaring heat ( got tan lines!! ) it is either scorching hot or freezing cold but it is very flat so a good HM to do too



  • Thanks Jo. I'm looking forward to meeting loads of people on the day. Hopefully there'll be the odd first timer like me. My training starts in earnest on Friday. I'm starting a 13 week plan to get round. Trust me to start training just as it gets hot!!
  • I've just signed up for this! I'm running my first marathon in Amsterdam in October, and I didn't fancy the slim pickings of half around week 8-9 in my training plan. This sounds like much more fun, and I'm scheduled to run 13 miles this weekend anyway. So instead of a race, I'm treating it like a training run with a reward.

    My (non-running) husband's most excited about the hog roast!

  • I'm in Bring the  madness on, cant wait!!!! and i'm excited about the wine and the hog roast hahaha

  • Cool. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the wine stops. Did four miles today, not all in one go yet,two miles in to town, and two back a while later at a very slow pace. Better than nothing but I was trying out some new running shoes
  • Today's update. I've got my fancy dress ordered. A black Spiderman costume, so I'd better lose more weight! I'm now 23lb down nonzero start weight which I'm delighted about but I learned a lesson today. I should never, ever start running straight after breakfast. Stitch central for every inch of my six miles today, so I was running, then walking a bit, then running again. About an hour and a quarter for around six miles, which isn't bad for me!!
  • The bit I got wrong should read I'm 23lb down from my start weight.....
  • I'm sorting out my fancy dress right now, too. I sew (as my hobby), and I'm testing out a running skirt pattern which will form part of my costume. image

  • I'm gutted I missed out on the 30 spare places for this.  If anyone knows of any drop-outs I'd be willing to join the fun.  I've been offered a marathon place but I think that's too far for my current fitness levels.

    thx image

  • How's everyone doing on their training and fancy dress? I'm usingthis race as my reward for getting this far in my Amsterdam marathon training, so I'm not looking to do it at any particular speed, but just enjoy the day.

    Though I'm a bit scared by all the wine stops, I reckon I'm going to leave the wine til the last table and enjoy a celebratory glass at the end instead!

  • Hello, just getting things ready for Bacchus image We're walking the course on Monday and will return with a course report after that. 

    There is also a spectator guide and route maps on the event website.  Linky wotsit

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Oh dear, life has got in the way of training, so looks like I will be walking this year again. At least I have a target time to beat and looking forward to the food and wine afterwards.

  • I finished sewing my costume this weekend, so I'm 100% ready to go now. It's entirely made in wicking lycra and it's runing friendly, so hopefully it shouldn't annoy me on the run too much (the hat is the only cause for concern, though I shall pin it in place!).

    I saw the organisers tweeted that they walked the course this weekend, trimming branches and brambles out of the way, and also said that road shoes should be fine as the course is dry. Fingers crossed it stays that way for the next fortnight!

  • I've had the same issue SteadyCJ. I'm just going to run as far as I can and enjoy the day. I've already asked the organisers when the marathon list opens for next year as I like the idea of one that's a good laugh. I feel a challenge coming on. Look out for a tall ish man in a black Spiderman suit, coz that's me!
  • i hope road shoes will be ok, as i wrecked my off road trainers and not had chance to get me any more since 

    I havent had a look yet at how many wine stations there are, I will be going for a slow time ( will be sort of using the distance as part of my marathon training which I am way behind in cos of the holidays ) but shant be busting  a gut for  a fast time, just going to enjoy it

    how are people getting there, i've booked a travelodge just down the road so i can walk to the start and stagger back at the end lol

  • Hello.  You can view route map including water stations here.  Wine at all apart from Station 3 so six in all or 7 for the marathon runners.  image

    Road shoes will be fine.  We walked the course on Monday and it's bone dry apart from a sticky bit at the end of the North Downs way but there are paths you can use to avoid the worst of the mud.

  • thats great thanks, i really dont want to wreck these road shoes they are like slippers to me and i totally wrecked my off road trainers in the last off road HM 

    incidentally how big are the containers with the wine in lol, not too big hahaha i'll be staggering at the end lol

  • The weather's looking glorious for Sunday! I might even have to break out the sunscreen! image

  • Too hot for me. I'm going to boil
  • Clearly we went mad with the fine weather dance so we've toned it down a little. 

  • i'm looking forward to this but will be doing gentle jog walk as i did the wton half marathon sunday so legs still recovering 

    what are people wearing for their fancy dress?

  • Black Spiderman and my son will be running the last mile as red Spiderman
  • I shall look out for you steve, i've very lame and got a playboy bunny outfit wearing my black shorts and top and ears and collar thing round my neck and a fluffy tail, saw some girls dressed up as them on the bham HM last year and they got some good cheers so figured what the heck, not sure i've got the figure but if i get a cheer its worth dressing up for lol

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