Barton Marina Tri needs you


The Barton Marina Sprint/Standard event on June 10th is now in serious danger of being cancelled due to a lack of entries.
Across both events there are only 70 entries and we need in excess of 100 to make our break even point. To make it worth the amount of time and effort that we put into these events the number needs to be more like 150.
We do not want to cancel this event but if we do not see a significant entry by this Friday we will be left with no option to dissapoint the 70 or so competitors who are supporting this event.
<span class="regular">If you are thinking of entering then please show us your support this week as the event may not be there to enter next week.


Simon Smith
Director Chaserace <a style="color: #042449;" href=""></a>

Barton Marina Sprint & Standard 10<sup>th</sup> June

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  • Simon, I wish you luck in getting the entries in .. hopefully the upturn in the weather will get some more through your doors

  • Yeah, wot Melds said, if it were closer to home and not on taper would have jumped in to help out. Not often you get a chance to suss the weather out before entering!

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