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I am new to the forum and wondered if any Pirates will be doing any 70.3 events next year?  I am slowly getting myself back into fitness after damaging my knee and decided that a 70.3 would be a good starter.



  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    various pirates will be doing various 70.3's - as simple as that really

    the favoured middle distance ones around these parts are Marshman, Bala and Vitruvian in that calendar order but there's usually some attendance at one or other events.  UK 70.3 usually gets ignored unless you're hard core (it's tough) and a few will usually head over to Majorca or other European destinations


  • Hi,

    A mate has done the Little Woody and Majorca, I have completed the UK 70.3 a couple of times and yes it is a toughie.  As for europe, I thought I might try the Antwerp 70.3, as it supposed to be fairly flat image

  • Can confirm Soap - Antwerpen is very flat. The only slope there is the tunnel under the River Schelde. July 22nd I think for the race there.

  • Cheers Tricky,

    Just need organise the holidays, Sounds like a good one to do, especially as it flat.

  • Sounds good, I'll probably interested in a half distance next year in a run up to my IM debut (sounds posh), so will largely depend on timing of IMUK next year. Assuming it's the same weekend as this then I guess I'd be looking for something around nowish, so that could be marshman I think?!?

    Will check training plan and work back and let you know?
  • I plan to be at Ironman Laguna Phuket at the arse end of 2013.
  • "Phuket at the arse"?image

  • I should have seen that one ... oh wait, not this time DB.

    Laguna Phuket looks awesome.  I have a friend moving out to Bangkok later this year.  Losing him to another continent will not stop me from haranguing him until he signs up to compete in full iron distance race.  I hope by dragging him into the 70.3 in Phuket he'll end up playing IM in western Australia or suitably nice destination in southern hemisphere that I can join him for that too.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    PRW - you need to be very quick to get into the Phuket race - it's very very popular, stacked with pros and top age groupers and sells out quickly

  • Thanks FB.  It appears entries are still available for 2012, having gone on sale 01 May (so it's not IMFL / IMNY) but I'll make sure we're on standby to go when 2013 entries open, next year.  In the meantime, I have a Channel swim to prepare for, and first Outlaw.  Oh dear.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I was in Phuket a few years ago - cycled there from Bangkok - and I was pretty surprised at how lumpy the island is.  some effing steep hills!!  so get prepared - Florida it is not!

  • Noted.

    IM make no effort to disguise the lumpy cycle route.  I'd imagine the roads aren't exactly top notch either (there's a requirement to dismount and carry bike twice on course).  Fortunately run is flat.

    It should in "interesting" dealing with heat / humidity having spent the best past of 2013 conditioning myself for the other extreme.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    errm - don't rememember much of the roads of Phuket as we finished the cycle ride not long after we crossed the bridge to the island and then we were bussed the final stages to the hotel (Phuket roads are very very busy with traffic and the tour organiser felt it best to do that after 800km of riding on quiet roads).  BUT I will say that generally Thai roads are superb - nowhere near the number of potholes you see in the UK and some of them are beautifully smooth.  and NO manhole covers/gratings etc - water runs off into channels alongside and seemingly no underground services.  

  • What's the little Woody like? I've done the UK 70.3 and yes its a tough one... not sure how you swim, cycle and run 70 miles entirely uphill but still end up back where you started!

    it's the only time i've strayed out of olympic distance territory and i'd like to return for conveniance the little woody seems to suit (can't afford the time to step up to a full IM distance yet) but i can't seem to find much about it.

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