VFF - Too good to be true?


I'm considering purchasing Vibram FiveFingers. I presently run in conventional trainers on pathways and old but still-up-for-it Inov8s for offroad.

I love a bargain (I'm tight as two coats of paint) and was browsing like mad to find the best price online.

However, I'm also pretty cautious and believe that if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

My concern is : vibramsfivefingers-uk.com/vibram-speed-fivefingers-c-11.html has REALLY good prices. BUT, they may be TOO good. The website is supposedly British but, without wishing to appear non-PC (and I'm far from perfect), the written English is a wee bit 'Pidjin'.


Has anyone used this website before and are they able to allay my fears?


Many thanks,



  • I also noticed that there's an 'S' in the middle of the vibramSfivefingers of the web address.

    I just smell a rat.

  •  Mick Mick ✭✭✭

    See http://www.tritalk.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=86213&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=&sid=c39608006ed5a93c597f7b8f368f58a0

    vibramsfivefingers-uk.com is located at the IP It was registered by zheng haibin on 09 Mar 2012, via HANG ZHOU E-BUSINESS SERVICES CO.LTD, China

    They also have a number of other 'trade name' sites ...

    And then decide ...

  • Thanks very much Mick.

    I may be tight, but I work too hard for my money to go donating it to some potential Triad gang/slave traders.

    I'll try to be less 'ambitious' in my pricing aspirations!!!



  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    As pointed out in one of the tritalk posts above, the first thing I would look for on a site like that is company details, i.e. registered address, VAT no., etc.  If they're not forthcoming from a quick search on "contact us" or "site map", I'd steer well clear.

  • Sport Pursuit have Five Fingers on sale just now at very good prices.

  • there is a guide on the official website with a list of known fake sites, how to spot a knock off shoe, and list of all official dealers in the UK

  • I like the review page on that site - particularly the one from 'Elizabeth Smith' who got funny looks at first from from her wife when wearing them.
  • But her wife now wants to get a pair of these ??55 barefoot sprint shoes - 'to wear around the house' !?
  • I like the review page on that site - particularly the one from 'Elizabeth Smith' who got funny looks at first from from her wife when wearing them.
  • WRXMANIA wrote (see)

    Sport Pursuit have Five Fingers on sale just now at very good prices.

    I was just going to suggest Sport Pursuit! Also Sports Direct have a small selection of styles on their website at 30% off.

  • Bought classic from wiggle at ??66
  • Goji, I bought a pair of those last week, black classics £66.50. Love em!

  • nice, I got chili. Not run in them yet, just using for walking first. I do look like a hobbit in them 

  • Embarrassed now, I already have a pair of chillies, enjoy!


  • Thanks Nelly! So far not tried running in them yet but walking feels intereting... As for looks, Iam sure black ones look more streamlined than pinks image
  • Yes just purchased a pair of Fake bikila VFF from the fake website www.vibramfivefingers-sales.co.uk!!!! Stay well clear I will be getting my money back from the credit card company as they were fake! I was dupped thinking the web address was UK based.

    The best advice would be to try them on in the shop as the sizing can be different to your orginal shoe size ie 11UK is 43 or 44 on the VFF site. However, if your second two is longer then your big toe the VFF are no good as the longest toe on the shoes is the big toe! And if you cramp up this toe you may get hammer toe injury!! They are a good concept!!  If they could only make the VFF shoes to stretch around your toes I could have a pair!!     

  • Naked Ape have a sale on Vibram Fivefingers. They stock most of the models available and have a shop where you can try them on.


  • Feetus.co.uk are new (ish) and so far I've found them excellent. No connection with them, just a satisfied customer.

  • I am in doubt that the site first mentioned is a Chinese counterfeit site but it makes it tough for real retailers of the product to hold up the actual prices which is why we have not stocked them so far. Sports Pursuit is an excellent place to shop if you can get some from there,

  • Just to clarify this a bit further, Primal Lifestyle are the UK VFF importers and whenever I have bought VFFs I have emailed them to check a seller is real - they've always replied promplty and seem to be doing what they reasonably can to make it easy to check if a retailer is genuine.

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