Calf agony advice please

Hello.  I'm a beginner at running and a first time visitor to this site so apologies if I'm not using the right protocols.

I'm training for a first 5k.  Everytime I run my right calf cramps up agonisingly after two miles or so, and aches for at least a couple of days afterwards.  I stretch it out before and afterwards but it doesn't seem to help.  Does anyone have any advice? 

Much appreciated


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Don't stretch before running.

    I think that you need to rest up, it maybe that you have damaged your calf muscle, you don't want to cause any more harm.

    Step back your training, run slower on softer ground - ie off road and avoid hills.

    Use a foam roller or stick or rolling pin on your calves. See a physio if you can. Massage.

    There are specific stretches that you can do for your calves. Unfortunately tight calf musles are common and can lead to other problems very quickly.

  • Also try a tennis ball massage on the underside of your foot.

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