Any club or runners in Castle Donington?


Is there a running club in Castle Donington, Derbyshire (DE74) or anyone looking for running partners?

I am struggling to find anything close enough to be of any use and can't believe that a large village (verging on town) like Castle Donington does not have a club or group?

I am definately not an elite runner but would like some motivation and companionship for runs between 3-6 miles? Perhaps longer as I get my form back.

Can anyone help?



Castle Donington.


  • MacMac ✭✭✭

    I suppose I'd better give a general idea of my running level?

    I am in my 40's (just!) and have been running (on & off) for over 10 years.

    I have done the FLM 2003 but in a crap time as I hit "The wall" at Canary wharf.

    I ran the Robin Hood half the year beofre that in around 1h 49m.

    My 10k PB is 47m.

    I must state that getting older and lacking focus in my running has taken it's toll and I doubt I could run anywhere near 47m in a 10k now or even do the distance of a half and certainly not a full marathon!

    I now run around the back lanes from Castle donington, Hemington, Lockington, across the top airport fence and down the old lanes to Locko etc. My typical route is up from Hastings St, across the fields to the airport fence, along that to the top and carry on past to the old burnted out aircraft (used for fire drills I think), cut through to the old dirt track down the hill to the old lane that leads ultimatley to lockington and straight down to the left turn that takes you to Hemington. Up a hill, along that lane into the back end of Hemington by the old ruined church, up Hemo hill, turn left halfway up, along the lanes back up to the top of the airport fence and back along that and down to Donno via Hastings St. Thats's 4.53 miles according to my Garmin 210.

    I hate hills but they started it!

    I run at an average of 9.15 min miles lately as I am out of form and desperately need to focus more and train with someone to motivate me and push me (not too much as to de-motivate me but enough to make a difference).

    You know what it's like when you run on your own, you lack motivation and get stuck in a rut and get to comfy in your comfort zone? Well that's me right now and I need to change it.

    So that's me!

  • MacMac ✭✭✭

    Fair enough, I can take a hint image

    Looks like me, myself and usual.

  • Mac.  Just seen your messages on runners world about runners in the Donington area.  I dont think there is a club as such but there are quite a few runners.  I am organising the "Donington Dash" 5k on 16th September if that is of any interest to you.  Full details and ebtries are from -  Hope that is of some use to you.

  • Hi,

    I just joined a club Have not met anybody yet but was the only one I could find. 

    @Mac: Let me know if you ares still looking for a running partner. 


  • I used to be a member of Long Eaton Running Club when I lived there over 10 year ago.  It had a mixed running ability and I made some good friends there.

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