Just turned 50



  • All my hair's my own. I'm blessed.
  • In the gym I go to, the older guys all know what they're doing and put in a lot more effort than many of the younger ones.

    Good V60s still beat me in races, let alone V50s.

    Honestly, the guy whose running most inspires me is well over 70. He completed a 10k this year in just over 50 minutes and the VLM. As a reality check, this meant he was running for over 5 hours, and he sometimes starts out on routes with us and has to head back. But did you really start running motivated only by fast finishing times?

    Cross train. Give more time over to maintaining your body's flexibility and strength. Take more rest days in your schedule. Enjoy sport: - whether that continues to be running or not.
  • There's a line in a Who song "I'm too old to give up but too young to rest" which says it for me.  I ignore their earlier line of "I hope I die before I get old"

  • Raddicchio - I have confession I started running at 23 - and yes I was totally motivated by fast times - and depsite a 12 year break - and at 52 I am still motivated by fast times - hence my sub 30 target - I still run 7 days a week, the days of two and 3 a day are long gone - but  I don't feel any different to the old days -

    And JF50   - Jethro Tull were so wrong - in saying To Old to Rock and Roll to young to die - You are never to old to Rock and Roll!!!

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