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I bought my shoes about a year ago and have probably run 15-20km a week on them since. I have been getting blisters on my little toe in the last few months, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed one on the side of the other foot (where a bunion would be if I had one).

I ran 10km on Sunday, and put compeed on both before running. I also wore those socks with twin layers. The toe was fine, but the other one got painful from about 7km, and was much bigger and filled with blood at the end.

I know there are a few other threads on this, but I'm having trouble searching (partly as blisters seems to be a person's name). Those I found have suggested the socks I'm already using, or compeed. Yet my blisters are forming despite these.

Any advice?



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi jane.  If you're doing running mainly on level surfaces the shoes might be too small.  But if you do a lot of hill running with crazy descents they could be too big - your toes will be hitting the front of the shoe.

    There's a big debate on whether you should harden your feet, or soften them.  And whether mono- or dual-layered socks.  I prefer mono.

    A solution you might want to try though are socks with individual toes from e.g. the company ToeToe.  I use these and have found them miraculous. I did a 50-miler at the weekend, took them off in the changing room half expecting all sorts of horrors, but, no, feet as good as new!  Not a trace of a blister.

    Yes, blisters might tell you what he does with his!

  • I mainly run on level surfaces - pavements and tracks on the whole.

    Those socks sound like they might help the blister on my toe, I'll look into them thanks. However, the main problem is on the joint below where my big toe joins my foot, so I'm not sure they would make a difference here.

    It's only a recent problem. I guess I have run more and further in the last few months though, which might explain it.

  • Might be your shoe's are starting to wear out but don't think thats the problem something a lot of folks do is stick vasalene or bodyglide if your posh on feet and between toes it's doesn't stop it all together but helps a lot.

  • Jane, could be a few things

    Maybe need new shoes? Maybe larger or better fitting? If you're running further, your feet could be swelling and tighter in the shoes.
    I assume you mean Compeed blister stick (more or less the same as bodyglide), as Cake says vaseline, or alternatively germolene.
    I use thorlos socks - I found the dual-layer increased my blisters, whereas Thorlos are thicker, and fantastic.
    Insulating tape on the offending part of the shoe, but difficult to apply if down at the toe end (means the sock/shoe rubs more easily than skin/sock)
    And plaster strip or tape over existing blisters until completely cured. (but doesn't go well with compeed/vaseline/germolene)

    Wet feet? - I find damp socks - whether through sweat or rain - increases chances of blisters.

  • I'm with T Rex on the sock thing - twin skin socks always give me horrible blisters and I get on much better with thin socks. I also started wearing toe socks this year and they've been amazing - the ones I've got are Injinjis.

    Another thing about socks and shoe sizing - if you were fitted for your shoes wearing thin socks but later started wearing thick padded twin skin socks, that will change the fit of the shoes and with the thicker socks on they could actually be too small for you now. And if you're putting a layer of Compeed in there as well, that could be making them even tighter!

    When I moved over to the toe socks my trainers felt tighter round the front - obviously the socks push all your toes apart slightly and so make your feet slightly wider across the toes - and with my next pair of new trainers I ended up buying a half size bigger than normal to accommodate the different style of socks...

    Also, if you've run 1000kms in your shoes, they're probably getting a bit worn out by now. A new pair might go some way to solving your problems.

  • Lots of good suggestions there, thanks.

    I guess I have to try each in turn and see what works.

    The compeed I was using was the blister pads, although I do have the glide stuff.

    I was fitted for the shoes with thick towelling socks on, so I think the twin ones are thinner. But I was new to running then, so the idea of my feet getting bigger/sweatier as I run further makes a lot of sense. I do have wide feet.

    Time to go sock shopping I think.

  • I went for a run today, and tried thicker socks and vaseline over the main blister. My legs were like lead, so only ran 40 mins, but no blister problems. I'll try the same on a longer run on Thu.

  • image Hopefully you've found a simple solution to your problem!

  • archilaso dryhfgh, I'm not sure what you are refering to in your post. The link doesn't seem to connect

  • Ive also used the ToeToe and Injinji socks.

    The Injinji are much better but the only issue I found was because I have long toes I have to drag them back a little or they make my feet go numb on long runs when my toes swell image

    My suggestion is to look for a shoe with a wider toe box, I use Merrell trail gloves, the wider toe box is amazing and I think ive only had maybe 3 blisters (due to socks or lack of image ) in the nearly 300 miles ive done in them!

    There is loads out there and I think its just a case of finding ones that work for you but overall I would say the toe box on your current shoes are too tight and not letting your feet spread properly.

  • On the topic of blister cure (once i have failed "prevention"!) - anyone used "" - are these any better than compeed?

  • They look similar. I've tried Compeed, Scholl, Boots and Elastoplast's versions and keep returning to Compeed. Warm a little in your hands before applying and they stick better. If you do try them, let us know how you get on.

    I too had to experiment with shoes when it came to toe blisters. I personally find that Mizuno are narrow enough around the foot to stop it slopping about, but have a good sized toe box. My normal shoes tend to be a 7.5 or an 8, but in running shoes I'm definitely an 8.5.

  • Hi again. I tried Thorlos socks and compeed glide stuff today. Ok for about 60 mins, then increasingly painful over the mext 30 mins.

    I think it might be time to get new, wider shoes.

    thanks for the suggestions.

  • give this place a go as you can try them and send them back (providing you dont mess them up!) Its a great way of giving them ago. 

  • Quick update -I bought a range of socks, and tried putting duct tape over the seam on the inside of the shoe, but nothing seemed to work past about 10k of running.

    I went to Sweatshop and bought new shoes last week. The guy spent a lot of time fitting then, and recommended a pair a size bigger than my old ones (and some moulded insoles).

    I've run in them twice now. The first time (60 mins) they felt lovely, then last night they started hurting at about 80 mins in. When I took my shoe off  the inside of my big toe was sore again. It's not exactly a blister, looks more like the skin is squashed up in that place.

    I do have the option of taking the shoes back and getting another pair. But when I tried wider ones in the shop they felt like boats, and my feet felt like they were sliding around in them.I was actually worried I'd turn an ankle if I ran in them.Maybe I need to find somewhere in between. Or is the problem simply that the blister has not healed (3-4 months now) so if getting irritated each time.

    The new shoes are nike. I don't know if they tend to be wide or narrow over the toes in general.

    Thanks in advance for any further advice.

  • theres a spray i find good - blistop by flexitol, savlon has good blister plasters, and i always use twin skin 1000mile socks or two pairs of others, WHEN  i manage to actually RUN that is!

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