garminforerunner 110

Can anyone tell me if you can select different activities onthe foreruinner 110 like inthe older models?  So for example when I cycle can I set it to cycling?  The reaason I ask is that everytime I download a bike ride to fetch it translates it on FB as run! So people think I have run 27 miles in 2.11 today!  I know I am a geek for connecting it to FB, but still would like to know whether or not the 110 has settings for this


  • Can you not edit it in Garmin connect before uploading to FB?
  • what is Garmin connect sausage dog?  Is it something I would see on fetch? only as soon as I upload it goes to FB before I have a chance to change to bike

  • am looking at that now, thanks for your help!

  • I'm unfamiliar with 'fetch'

    I know on mapmyride there is a setting that will upload your ride automatic the moment you finish, to FB or twitter etc. You can change this though so you have to manually upload. You may have a similar option on 'fetch'
  • cheers sausage dog, I solved it by disconnecting the FB link.  Easier in the long run.

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