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Is anyone on here a personal trainer?

I was just wondering if personal trainers are regulated at all? Or if there are any nationally recognised qualifications that you need to do?

I've overheard some in the gym coming out with all sorts of things, and considering the potential for harm/injury it got me wondering just how someone gets these jobs. 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    There's a guy up my road who's set himself up as personal coach, life coach, financial advisor etc. Put bluntly, he knows shit all. He tried telling me all about it until I pointed out that I had actually done all the things he was talking about whereas he had got it all off the internet and tapes. Its just bullshit talk relying on the cash loaded victim knowing even less. Also, he had the dirtiest house I've ever been in, like student squaler. I had to wipe my feet on the way out!

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    I imagine there would be some in-house training at the very least if you worked in a gym, but we've had a few 'personal trainers' apply for assistant therapist jobs where I work and without fail they have not had the faintest idea regarding anatomy and physiology. Or bio-mechanics. Or the health of the aging population. Or nutrition.
    Apologies to any knowledgeable trainers out there. I know you exist somewhere. Just not where I live. 

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    I would like to stand up for the good PTs out there.  I agree that a PT qualification on its own is worthless, but there are a few who go the extra mile.

    My PT started out doing a Biomedical degree so she knows the anatomy stuff in more detail than I do, then she went the standard PT route, and now she is doing a sports science Masters.  She is also a successful triathlete in her own right so has put into practice the stuff she talks about.

    But then she has no intention of working in a gym all her life.  She has ambitions to work with up and coming athletes who potentially could make it to professional status, or those of us who will never be particularly good but are determined to give it the best shot we can.  I just hope that she continues to charge me the fee that I currently pay, as she is going to be worth a lot more in the future!

  • In the UK most professions are unregulated - anything not on this list basically.

    Anyone can call themselves a Personal Trainer, with zero qualifications or experience. 

  • There is the Register for Exercise Professionals:  They only recognise certain courses, I think the standard is fairly high.

  • I am a P.T(C.Y.Q level 3 gym instructor, level 2 in child specific training, level 3 nutrition, level 3 lifestyle assesment, level 3 enviroment training amongst others) I was on the R.E.P.s register till November last year. I have took a year off from training other people (after spending the last 3 years studying and getting my work experience in) and now only train my OH (when he lets me). It did only start studying for myself because I wanted to know more about sport science, so it is a hobby. There are a lot of cr*p trainers out there. Always go with a p.t that is recommended to your!

  • If they've trained with a reputable company ( - like myself) then they have industry accreditation
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