Got a thing on me toe - it's a little circle of hard skin, with a black dot in the centre - feels like there's a hard lump (feels like the shape of a seed) inside. It's not causing me huge pain, but I sometimes stand on it in a particular way and it feels a bit ow.

Does this sound like a corn? Never had one before - t'missus says to go see a chiropractor, but the first chance I'll have will be in a week's time, and I've got a 10k a few days after - any advice on whether to go and get it treated, or leave it until after the race? I've been running on it for a bit, and while I sometimes notice it, it hasn't stopped me yet.

What the heck does a corn plaster do?


  • I'm have no knowledge of feet.but it sounds a bit like a verucca.......have you googled it...if it is you need some creaam as they are infectious.....


    hope you get a knowledgeable reply soon


    good luck

  • do you mean a chiropodist who does feet.chiropractors do bones image


    Pharmacists can give loads of great advice now and its free.might be quicker and cheaper than going to a professional or doctor.......and if they think you should see someone else they will recommend the correct service

  • Sounds more like a verruca to me too...

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    does sound like a verruca - in which case something like bazuka would work.

    a podiatrist/chiropodist would be able to remove a corn fairly painlessly,

    you could always go to the gp who would be able to tell you whether it was a corn or a verruca, although he wouldn't be able to do much about it

  • I sounds like a corn and I have had plenty over the years - lifetime of stupid shoes, not running. A chiropodist will cut it out for you and give advice on preventing recurrence. Corn plasters have some sort of chemical on them which burns away the hard skin bit allowing you to lift out the hard centre. Takes a few days though and you need to follow the instructions carefully.

    Never had a veruca so no idea what they look like.
  • Verrucas look like little round patches of white skin with a tiny black dot at the centre. Just like the OP describes. But apparently, so do corns. How confusing. image

    Score so far: Verrucas 3, Corns 1. For a quick decider, go show a pharmacist.

  • Thanks for the replies! After a week in France and running about in the summery heat in the mornings, I can report that the corn/verucca is not currently bothing me. Got the 150th Anniversary Blaydon Race next Saturday, and the Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon on the 24th, so may wait until after the dust settles to get some professional advice... image

    Running to buy pain au chocolat from a patisserie in the next village early in the morning turns out to be "my distance".

  • I had what you have described on the balls of both feet and they turned out to be corns caused by lots of impact (I am training a lot at the moment and ran a marathon a couple of weeks ago). I went to the podiatrist on Friday and he removed them painlessly by scraping away the hard skin and extracting them. They weren't bothering me too much, but I know that if you leave them too long and continue to run, they can get worse and become painful. I would get it sorted sooner rather than later so that you can enjoy niggle-free runs! Good luck with your races!

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