This time tomorrow....

...I might be able to say that I am Triathlete!!! First timer at Nantwich tomorrow (and when I say first timer I don't just mean first time at Triathlon but first time at ANY sporting event EVER in 32 years of being alive (not counting school sports days in which I was rubbish!!!). I still can't believe that 2 years ago I was 5 stone heavier and didn't do any exercise at all! 

 I really REALLY think I can do it! And that's because my boyfriend is incredibly supportive, my friends and parents have been fab and people on here have also been really nice, supportive and helpful. I am so thankful for all of that!  

So, if you're going to be at Nantwich tomorrow please give me a hello and a cheer (No. 544!) as I'm probably going to be rather grateful for the support!!! My amazing boyfriend is cheering me on too so that'll make a big difference - it's actually him who got me involved in Triathlon but usually I'm the cheerleader and he's doing all the hard work! 

I am very nervous, pretty excited and even though I know I'll be one of the slowest (and certainly one of the least fit!). The swim and bike will be veeeeery slow and the run will mostly be walked I think but I do feel confident that I will do it and for me that's going to be a huge achievement that a year ago I really would never have imagined possible!

Exciting times ahead!!! 


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