Thames Meander Half Marathon



  • Does anyone know how many runners (approx) will enter this. Thinking about entering this as we will used to live in surbiton, although based in Qatar at present. Just need to decide how the last two months of training will work in the summer over here. Sounds like a great event, fab location.

  • Hi Paul. Last year it was limited to 250 runners, split between the marathon and half marathon runners, and I guess it will be the same this year. There seemed to be pretty much a 50/50 split. A good run out and back and a good medal

    A long trip for a half marathon though isn't it!
  • Definately thinking about this as I'm doing my first marathon in october (chester) so this fits well, bit worried I may have to buys some trail shoes (but then again I really should anyway).

    What's the situation with the food afterwards with regards to non runners (ie can my wife join this having waited around for over two hours for me).

    When do entries normally get filled (probably the day before I finally decide to enter image)

  • bullet bitten and entry in, just hope it's dry but not too hot , anyone else definately in for this?


  • I'm in!! Am i being dim - can't see the medal image, only the Bewl one? 

  • I'm in as well image

  • Thinking about doing this

  • Still a bit worried that I might need to buy some trail shoes image

  • As NellyP as mentioned do we need trail shoes for his race or could we run in normal trainers?

  • From what I've read it seems to depend upon the weather, if it's dry road shoes are ok but not if it's wet. Now I've got a shiny pair of NB trail shoes I think I'll take both and see image

  • thanks Nelly, I haven't signed up yet as I'm doing the Loch Ness marathon and that weekend i should be doing 20 miles so still debating

  • I've run along parts of the course in poor weather in standard running shoes and don't have trail shoes.

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