Pain In Outer Edge Of foot!!!

I went for a long run a few weeks back (just over 2hrs off road) and after I had a pain in the outside of my left foot, sort of if you traced back from the little toe, when you get to the outer edge next to the arch of the foot the pain happens there.

It doesn't hurt AT ALL to touch, bang, squeeze, poke etc

but it hurts when I walk image

if I consciously shift the weight to take more on my inner foot that helps.


Rested for 2 weeks, pain went, ran today (1hr 44mins) and it's back image

What does this sound like to you? and how can I treat it? cure it?...


  • Yesterday I went for an hours run (trail) and have the exact same pain and place as you - has yours got better and how long did it last ? - I have just gone for a run and if the weight goes onto that side it's a shooting pain, if I run without any pressure on that side it's fine - help image
  • Karen: Look up (a) fifth metatarsal stress fracture; (b) peroneal tendonitis . See if either of those fit your symptoms...

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