Brinsworth 10k

is the gala a proper family do? think my OH might want to do this so I`m hoping that there`s stuff for little uns to do!?


  • Loads of stuff for kids to do on the day there will be a big fair on at the bottom of field. A great day for all ages.

  • Hi has anyone raced this before?  Does it have PB potential?

    I might give it a go but probably won't know til the Saturday.


  • Definitely not one for a PB. If the same route as last year you have to queue through a gate after about 100 yards and the course is described as undulating. I thought it was hilly!! It is a good race though with lots of support from the marshalls and locals and the fayre was a good one with lots for kids to do.
  • Great, I'll give it some thought.  I knew it was fairly hilly round there so I'll go with you on hilly rather than undulating!

  • Can the race organisers please confrim if the route is the same as Little Miss Blister has described from last year?


  • runningowlrunningowl ✭✭✭

    i have been told by a UKA official that lives near me that the course for this was 0.25mile approx short. how can they still get race distances so wrong?

  • A BoltonA Bolton ✭✭✭

    My Garmin has it OK. There are chances to take a bit of a "racing line" but if you stick to the road and not cut corners it is 10K. Not one to get to huffy about, this is a good,friendly run, all in a good's not meant to be too serious. Well done to the organisers although the hill at the start is a bit cruel for those of us who like to get in to their running before we hit stuff like that!

  • My Garmin recorded the correct distance.

    The beauty of the 'starting' hill was that we folk at the back did not hit the congestion.

    I admit it was cruel for we occasionals.

    Compliments to the marshalls as they had cheery words for us all the way around the course.

    No grumbles about this friendly well organised event.

  • Marshalls were great!  Really hope it wasn't short as I think it might be my new PB!  Typically I had forgotten my Garmin that day. 

    My heart sank when I saw the hill start, as I hate hills right at the start of a run. 

    Anyone seen any results yet?

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