1st 1/2 marathon

Hi all, I can find loads training plans but none seem to allow for any other sport.  

Im almost 43

10K PB 48 mins 

Longest run 10 mile 

Play 2 games of squash and 1 game of footie a week already 

Managed 5 mile (9.10 min pace) and 3.5 miles (8.1 min pace this weekend) 

Half mara is October and I would love to achieve 1 hour 45 ( must get under 2 hours).. 

Equally I would love to keep up squash and football.  Is this possible or advised?

Should I just follow a running programme in between other activities? 

Will I need to ditch other activities 

Really interested i  your opinions as Im a half fit novice 

Thanks all 



  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    For a half marathon you can train and maintain other interests without it effecting your running.

    I swim and cycle commute as well as run and up to hm I don't find it has any detrimental effects.

    I would advise that you find a training plan that fits in with your life style. If the training plan has any kind of interval or speed work then substitute this for your squash / footie. You'll have to jiggle the training around a little but we all do that.

    Squash is high intesity when it comes to a work out, lots of short bursts of work with recovery time. Footie is a bit more gentle - maybe play to win? (If your game is a little relaxed).

    You need to ensure that you get your weekly long run in. That is important. Another short steady paced run that feels hard and a third easy run at a similar pace to your long run.

    Make sure that you have an easy week every third week. This will give your body time to recover from the work you are asking it to do.

    Make sure that you do at least 50% of your running over similar terrain to your target race. More if you can. ie if you hm is a flat road race get some flat road miles in. If your race is hilly trail then run on hilly trails.

    If you can manage to run 30 miles a week then build up to this. Long run of approx 15 miles and your 2 other runs of approx 7.5 miles each. If you can manage a fourth run then great, again this should be a short run and pace will depend on how you feel. If you have the energy then a tempo run or fartlek (mixed pace) hills or intervals. Otherwise just make it a short easy / recovery run.

    It's all about doing what fits in with your lifestyle. No point in giving up the things you love. It's about having fun in the end.

  • If that's a struggle then one of the 7.5 milers can be a speed session of some description. I'm a little older than you and I managed to get my time down from 2:08 to 1:25 on one long run up to 14 miles, one medium run up to 7 miles and one speed session per week. Even managed a GFA marathon on it, just with the long run being longer.

  • Thanks for your advice guys 

    I have plenty of time now and have built up to a long run of 8 miles @ 8.39 per mile pace with over 3 months to go.. Managing ti get squash a plenty in without damaging my self.....  Have decided no football till after event due to injury risk...

    Using squash as my interval session. 

    So far so good and thanks for your tips.....



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