Pirate Shield

Hi Guys,
I was the fortunate recipient of two Pirate Shields at the PSOF championships last year at IM Regensburg. I'm just about to get them engraved before sending them back and was wondering if IM Regensburg should be abbreviated to IMR or IMRE?

Also, who should I return the shields to? Unfortunately I won't be at Outlaw to bring them back in person as I'm racing IM Austria the same day image Big Mistake from my point of view but we live and learn.


  • IMR I would think would be ok?

    I am not sure if you are near VT at all as I think he is over the water?  Failing that by all means send it to me and I will ensure that it gets delivered

  • Orca, where are you?  I'm up on the North Coast, but could get down as far as Newry to pick it up if that helps.

  • Help: I am looking to contact a couple of PSoF members who witnessed a minor accident in Brighton during the Pearson 150 on the 20th May.. I have tried to contact via the admin e-mail address with no luck so far..

    There was approx 6No: PSoF members who where saw the accident if any are willing to come forward as witness/s that would be great.

    Many Thanks: jbevan(at)ses-ltd.co.uk

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    JB - I've posted this message to the PSOF Facebook page - someone who witnessed the accident may see it on there and respond to you

  • Hi John - I've sent you an email! image

  • VT, I'm down on the South West coast in Shannon image So Meldy I'll probably need to mail them to you. Can you please PM me the address?

  • I am trying to think of something witty to engrave

    Oh dear
  • Send it to me, I'll engrave it! imageimage

  • I wondered if you might struggle OC - it took me ages to come up with anything remotely funny.  Just don't let Gladys get anywhere near it!

  • Tradition dictates that it has to be something related to what might be on the form gonig to the ingravers as an instructiion rather than the actual wording required  eg:collect Tuesday.


  • thanks for that monique......
    The obvious ones have been done though

  • Put your phone number or email address under it image
  • Oh  well in that case it will have to be a private note that the engraver woulld write so he/she recognised you when you walked back in. Something like "bloke with  the twitch" or "bog eyed"

  • Not that you're any of those things, but you could ask to see the form for clues.

  • I thought about having it done all in lower case with the words "upper case" below, but that would have had the engraver totally confused!

  • OC

    Watch out Meldy is after you phone number and inside leg measurement. Be afraid.

  • Can someone post an image of the shields once done - not seen them since 2005.

    yours in (italics)

  • Orca,

    If you send your shields to me, (suitably engraved of course - do it NOW!!!)

    then I can photo them all and slap the current sorry state on the PSOF web site for fegan.

    They will of course look shit as the engraving wont come out but thats fine....... image


     errrrr    do we have 3 or 4 shields..???

  • 4 I believe

    Fastest Male/female
    Newbie Pirate
    Best Improved

    I think image

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