Wearing Socks

I have yet to try running without socks.. I know a lot of people go sockless and i'm wondering do you really run just as fast and comfortably without socks as you would with? I can't even imagine running for 100m without feeling a little discomfort.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    really depends on the shoes and distance

    tri specfic runners are designed for use without socks - they have a smooth sock like lining - but many other classic runners can be used without (I use Asics DS trainers for short distance tris without socks)

    but if it's not tri specific you may find a seam rubbing after a while which will not get easier so even though I've used my shoes without socks in a middle distance race, it got very uncomfy.  so for me beyond 10k I will wear socks, 10k and below, won't bother.

    likewise on the bike - I don't wear socks in competition with my tri shoes (Northwave) - they are comfy without up to IM distance.


  • I never wear socks in my trainers - does cause a few problems at home and have to be put through the washing machine fairly regularly. I am not allowed to have them in the house so I keep them in a box in the car - the box because I gave my two bosses a lft to the station one day and one of them had his head out of the window!!! They bought me a plastic storage box to keep the trainers in and have refused subsequent offers of a lift!!! 

  • Maybe its my shoes then. Elastic laces is as tri-specific as I've gone so far. Grendel I take it you do all your training runs without socks as well, not just racing? No extra chance of blisters? I hear shoes will be stinkin' without socks alright image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    FWIW - my missus never wears socks with her Newtons - just puts a dab of vaseline on the heel tab to stop any potential rub spots for longer runs.

    and yes - shoes without socks do tend to hing a bit after a while - my bike tri shoes have that eau de catspiss smell that gets stronger as the season goes by.....

  • commando on sprint, socks on half and above, never done an Oly so dunno, got one coming up August. Suspect I will go..........er..........socks..

  • Does it make a vast amount of difference to peoples overall time putting a pair of socks on? Putting on a pair of socks is probably my strongest discipline, been training it for 43 years.

    Would rather have the additional comfort myself. image
  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Socks all the way for me, why take the chance of a blister ruining..but then i don't do short, fast races.

  • For oly and less I run sock less in noosa Tri run shoes! Half and above I put socks on! By the time I feel anything without socks I have finished the run!
  • I think the 4 seconds that it takes to stick on a pair is a worthwhile investment. I'd probably save about 30 seconds on the run by the added comfort alone. I guess if you really don't mind running without socks then why would you put any on. In terms of time saving though it seems negligible even for a sprint which is what i mostly race.

  • Putting socks on when you are in a hurry is hard, esp in T1 with wet feet. If you are going to do it, roll the socks up, and put talcum powder in. 

    As above, never for sprints, always for halfs and above

  • Those noosa shoes look awesome doozer! I want a pair. I hear they're very good to run in as well. 

  • I went sockless for the first time last weekend and have to say I didn't really notice the difference. Due to somewhat ill-fitting toe-clips my feet were numb after the bike anyway. Had intended to wear socks but was staggering around like a drunk after the swim and my co-ordination was so bad I just pulled my shoes on and went for it. Think I may practice running sockless from now on to toughen up the old trotters!

  • I always run sockless when running, I have down since the start of the year. I much prefer the way that you can feel the ground and so it helps with keeping good technique, I have run a maximum of twenty miles sockless. It does take a little time for your feet to toughen up however. I did a short blog post if anyone is intrested


  • I thought everyone went barefoot these days anyway...? image

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