Dealing with landlord trying to use up our security deposit

Anyone got any advice on dealing with a landlord who's trying to charge out of the security deposit for cleaning behind the fascia of an extractor fan?

It was working when we left, but in the time we've left she's had someone in to 'clean' it as it was making a different noise (she says)

Our tenancy expired on the 8th April, but we still haven't even recieved a notice of how much she intends to remove from the deposit. In the meanwhile she's got new tenants in the flat.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    a few things

    what did your contract say about cleaning and repairs when you left??  was an inspection done before you left and a list of issues produced??

    if the deposit was held in a deposit protection scheme (as it should have been for any short hold tenancies from April 2007), then there is a dispute procedure you can follow.

    have a look at some info here

  • What FB said and also:

    Ask her to provide a receipt for the clean that she says has been done.

    was the rental done through an ARLA letting agent or was it a private landlord? If the deposit wasn't help in a DPS you might need to seek legal advice and/or mediation services to reclaim your deposit - morning eyes as rubbish...look at the link FB gave!

    In future, always take pictures of any issues when moving out, time and date stamped if poss - and try to use letting agents rather than private landlords.

    Really hope you get your deposit back and you get this resolved!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    mimaduck wrote (see)

    and try to use letting agents rather than private landlords.

    I'd disagree there - letting agents can be far worse than the landlord.  I'm a private landlord and manage the properties direct with the tenants - if they have issues, they contact me direct and I make sure they get resolved.  I don't get giving 10-15% of my rental income to an agent for what is often a crap service

  • Bloomin wish I had you as a landlord in my last place FB! My landlandy was useless! I am lucky with my current landlady though, it was rented through an agency but she manages it and is FAB.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    don't get me wrong about agents - we use them to find tenants, check references and hold the deposit and pay them for that but that's as far as it goes - everything else we do ourselves and rents are paid direct to us so we have that direct "bond"

    landlords can vary enormously as you have found.  for us, the properties are our pensions (in due course) so we want to ensure they are looked after so we will give a good service.   

  • I think I have a similar set up then FB, I pay my rent direct to my landlady and she deals with everything flat related. If I have to move from my flat (job depending ) I'll be very sorry to see it go...I love living here and my landlady is part of the reason.

  • You need to find out if your deposit was protected or not. Did you receive a letter shortly after moving in?

    If it was then this isn't her decision to make. You can go to the dispute service and they will decide how much she can justifiably keep. Given the time lag, and if the inventory said it was fine when you moved out, it's unlikely she'll be able to keep anything.

    If it wasn't protected then depending on when you moved in you might be able to claim back for up to three times the value of the deposit.

    I recommend you read this site and look through the model letters etc to help you negotiate, but it might be best to call the Shelter helpline to talk through your own circumstances.

  • Hi Folks, Thanks for all the advice. We've got in contact with the propety management services for the apartment block, and luckily they are linked to the Deposit Protection Scheme and have stated that without an initial inventory, and the time gap she's left, she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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