Tatton half marathon



  • they're still accepting entries on the website!  Are you sure there's 2000 runners signed up for this one? this thread seems very quiet for that many runners image

  • Is it really full? I was just about to enter :/.

  • well according to the site u can still enter so i say go for it,we're not having much info on this and as i said,considering there is alledgedly over 2000 signed up this forum is virtually dead!!!

  • I am hoping to get under 2 hours here, after running Lake vrynwy in 2hrs and 40 secs. I am really looking forward to this race image

  • I have just tried to enter, and it wouldnt let me said was Full.  xx

  • Really starting to look forward to this now.  Did my first half marathon a couple of weeks ago (GNR) and have enjoyed a bit of rest time.  Now eager to start training properly again and looking to get a new PB image

  • Will be running this, signed up a few months ago.

    Have run Warrington and Nottingham halves this year, hopefully this will be good preparation for a decent time at Tatton.
  • I ran the Macc 1/2 marathon last month for my first ever 1/2 marathon. I have tried to sign up for this one but for a week the site said it wasnt taking any bookings at this time then said entries were closed.

    I have mailed them to ask to be added to any "Reserves" list etc but I doubt I will get into the race. Gutted as it is local and its a flat course so it'd be good for times!

    Any spare numbers going - please contact me and I will be happy to buy it off you!


  • whats the policy on number transfers? sort out with race control before or just do it?


  • hi malcolm...can you transfer your number. there's nothing on the website.

    my wife entered but now can't race. i'm running snowdon the week before but if possible to avoid a wasted entry can i run in her place.

  • Does anyone know if there'll be any mile markers on the course?  I've no fancy GPS watches so hoping to try and keep pace with a basic stopwatch and (hopefully) some mile markers.  Thanks in advance.

  • tina. the website does say there will be clear mile markers so you will be ok.

  • There will be mile markers. Race packs should be posted out during the next 7 days

  • Did liverpool marathon yesterday , and would like to give this a go .ill see if I can get in. It looks a decent race and I need to keep my motivation going .
  • To late it's full , good luck to everyone doing it !
  • not long now image how is everyone's training going? I did a 11.5 mile run last week and am hoping to do another long run this week before I start to taper........good luck everyone! I ran the Manchester marathon in April and found the training crucial to my experience and enabling me to finish. I would love to do Tatton in under 2.5hrsimage

  • HI Lily

    Getting excited about it now image.  I did a 13 mile run on SUnday - it was very hilly and it hurt a lot! I was exhausted by the end of it and very glad to get home.  Was good to do the distance though.  Think I'll do a 10miler next weekend, and then I have an 8 mile race the weekend after.  This should lead to a nice taper for the week leading upto the HM.  That's the plan, anyway!

    If you completed the Manchester marathon (in those conditions!!) I'm sure you'll be able to do this nice flat half un under 2.5

  • yes this is a pretty flat half, but moordale road in knutsford is a short but steep road and as you leave knutsford on mobberley road you climb toward mobberley. throw in a couple of railway bridges in mobberley and ashley as well.

    this is just a warning for those who think this route is pancake flat. theres no hills and a  PB is a real possibility.

  • THanks for the info cap66.  THat's actually a bit of a relief.  I do the majority of training on hills (it's more or less impossible not to where I live!) and the few times I do a long run on the flat canal route I find it quite boring and surprisingly tiring.  I do enjoy the odd hill (or slope!) just to alter pace, use different muscles and to push off of at the bottom.

  • thanks Tiny Runner for your encouraging comments, your plan sounds good, important to have the taper week, though before Manchester I kept imagining injuries that week, think it was called taper madness!image

  • I know this has been asked before but I may be able to do this as a transfer but I could really do with knowing the time limit. There's nothing on the website apart from that its 'fast' and I'm not fast!
  • Hi does anybody know of any spare places available?

    Really want to do this race but its sold out.



  • Hello fellow runners!

    I am also desperate to run and would love to buy a number off anyone if possible please!


  • Anyone received their race pack yet?

  • Race packs were all posted out on 18th October

  • Thanks Malcolm, really looking forward to it!

  • Yeh! My number has arrived! Getting excited now! Managed hilly 12 miles yesterday. How is everyone getting on? image
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