Tatton half marathon



  • hi Sezza, enjoy the day, you'll love it. You've done enough doing 11 to get you around no problem , my 1st half i did 7 miles as my longest run and got round non stop in a good time. Good luck everyone tomorrow image

  • Good luck everyone, not long now and I think the sun will shineimage
  • Looks like there might be a bit of frost tonight - does anyone know what the paths/roads are like in and around the park and whether there might be any problems?
  • Most of the route is along tarmacced roads and the bit that is inside the park itself is on paved tracks I think.  It will be a cold start though image have a good race everyone!

  • Just finished breakfast, looking forward to this one.  Have a good race all!  image

  • have a great race everyone. i will be there to cheer you all on. the whole race is on surfaced roads or tracks. a few in the park are a little rough especially the short out and back section in the middle of the park, oh and its on a slight hill aswell.

  • yipee! Pleased with my PB of 2hrs21mins. What a cold start but the sun came outimage Great support esp those marshalls near the end (one even ran with me for a while) and the organisation was good.Thank you to my hubby and daughter for their encouragement and for just being there. Love my medal, shirt and chunky kitkat. How did everyone else get on?image

  • Finished in 2 hours 27,Well chuffed as it was my firstimage Was a lovely run round Tatton park and surrounding countryside and villages. Weather was very kind. Well organised, would definatly do it again.

  • well done Sezzaimage

  • Well done to you as well, I think the same marshall ran with me as well.image I was pleased I got a toffee crisp! imageand not a kit kat! Was pleased I wasn't lastimage

  • hi all. i was one of the marshalls at the cattle grid near the start and finish. it was the other one who ran with you SEZZA and LILY OTV.

    never had such fun marshalling. hard work though with cars, runners and pedestrians all using the same cattle grid. thanks for everyones patience in getting you through.

  • thank you Cap66 your support and encouragement made all the differenceimage thank you for marshalling such a challenging place.

  • i really enjoyed it lily and we got lots of great banter from runners which is great. oh apart from one lady who by 13 miles was really tired and hurting and a comment from us went down like scaffolding in a storm.

    i would just like to say that many runners got stuck in the traffic jam outside the park before the start. this was beyond the organisers control. tatton park (council and N.T.) quite rightly main objective is that there is minimal impact to the park and its customers. they wanted all the runners in the park before the park was open to the public hence the 9.30 start. unfortunately due to the early start everyone seemed to turn up at the same time.

    hopefully the event will go ahead again next year where i'm sure the organisers and tatton authorities will come up with a soloution.

  • Brilliant race and I hope it returns next year and onwards.

    Big thanks to the organisers and volunteers.

  • I really enjoyed this race - my first HM and a time of 1:45:27 image

    It was really cold at the start especially after waiting an extra ten minutes on the starting line for all the traffic to get in - my carefully timed warm-up was useless!  The race soon got going though and it was a great course - not really hilly but I did have a slow mile for mile #12 as it was a mild climb and I was knackered image  

    Hope this race happens next year.

  • Great experience,made me feel that all the effort in terms of training was worth it, aimed for sub 2hrs and came home in 1:50:58 so well chuffed.

    Echo previous replies in terms of thanks to the organisers, volunteers etc and also that the final long,straight stretch was the point where I nearly hit the wall and the turn into the park for the final time, came just at the right point for me

    Certainly made me think about a marathon next year or at least a couple more halfs

  • agree about the long final stretch, so hard, gritting teeth and trying to push myself, what helped was people clapping from their cars and a team of 2 ladies encouraging each other and me, thank you! Yes Robin, the last turn into the park made me want to cheer! I am sure you could do a marathon. A half was a bit easier after doing a marathon this year! Well done to everyone on all these brilliant times. I just love running! Though I don't feel great today, stiff and heady. Need to drink more. Hope everyone else is recovering okimage

  • Well done to all who took part and braved the weather which was freezing never seen so many runners wearing gloves.

    Took me a little while longer getting round than i'd hoped no PB this time image but not too fused as not really that bothered about times.

    Agree marshalls were really encouraging and friendly in and around the park, was wearing headphones so couldnt hear them but judgeing by there animation they did a great job.

    Was a shame the roads werent closed off as doesnt help running into car fumes but were warned about this prior to the race. Unfortunately could have done with a few more mashalls in the more out of the way places and lanes though as i saw one women desperately trying running back on her self to find someone to try and get medical attention for her friend who had quite a nasty gash on her arm and a injured ankle/leg.

    But good effort by all for a first time event.

  • Loved this race despite getting stuck in traffic. I parked, jumped out of the car, straight to the start line, and it started!

    Yes was very cold, forgot to wear gloves and fingers were freezing. Lovely course, especially round park and through Knutsford.

    Made up with 1hr 32, a big PB, didnt think I could keep going between 11-13, that hill was so hard and long. Memo to all for next year and organisers in the advertising - this is not flat! Wasnt the worst ever, but plenty of ups and downs to test you.

    Overall though great marshalls, good signage, nice goody bag and weather perfect for PB's, no wind or rain! Well def do again, although not sure I could ever go faster. (and how people do Marathons!!)

  • I think Wilmslow Half Marathon on 24th March fits quite nicely into any training program for the Manchester Marathon

    I'd hoped to hang on until February(ish) to make a final decision on entering Manchester in 2013 but the last date is quite early, January 7th, so we'll see

  • Photos from the race can be found at the below websites   www.racephotos.org.uk    www.mickhall-photos.com
  • Big thanks to everyone that helped to organise in any way.

    Only my second half and I managed to knock 10 mins off my PB finishing in 1:44:11 so well pleased but thought I was on for a bit better still until those last couple of miles uphill had me feeling like I was running backwards in the end!

  • I think saying it is flat is fine. Not pancake flat but far from undulating

    A couple of very short hills and a slightly uphill finish but overall I thought it was a very fast course


  • Really enjoyable race and not just because I recorded my first sub-1:30 half!  Thanks as ever to marshalls and organisers.  I wouyld agree with Crazytown Emperor about the hills, but a lot of that is down to what you are used to and your expectations.  One final point, I just noticed a review that says its not on runbritain - it is but as Tatton Half.  Maybe one tip for next year is to decide what to call the race and stick with the nameimage

  • It is on Runbritain as Knutsford Tatton Half image


  • Loved this - earned myself a PB so that helps but the country setting, especially the settings in Tatton Park itself were tremendous and I will be back again next year to come under 1:30.

    The course was very well marshalled and supported, car parking was a breeze - I loved the fact the car park was a short stones throw from the start and finish  so I could sit in the warmth of my car just before the start and finish my coffee, and that I only had a short distance to hobble once I crossed the finish.

    Drink stations were well manned, nice small bottles of water too - gels were being offered at the last station which was nice.

    I'd describe the course as fairly flat, some undulations - the straight road section in the penultimate mile was a bit of a killer - long, straight but gradual ascent, it seemed to last forever!

    Goody bag was really good - quality medal, chocolate, nice tech T plus drinks at the finish line.

    Received the number through the post in good time, chip built into the number so one thing less to forget. Instructions were clear.

    There were no negatives - usual challenges such as toilets and starting pens. The PA system didn't seem to work at the start line so there was some confusion when the delay was started. I wasn't sure if there was a bag drop, some runners said there was but it wasn't clear where. Because of the proximity of the car parking, I didnt use them anyway, put my stuff in the boot of the car.

    The support at the finish was brilliant, supporters both sides as you ran in.

    I've never run a half where I have had as many photos taken of me - two outfits were covering it and I got snapped at numerous points around the course. Hats off to both, but Bryan at racephotos.org.uk deserves a special mention!! He captured a number of me, even took time out to crop and edit some for me but one of them is my favourite running photo yet, so thanks again!. 

    I'll be back next year, this was an excellent event - I believe this is the first time it was run so there are bound to be a few teething problems but nothing that couldn't be easily rectified or that I would complain about. image


  • What a great race! Great weather...glad I didn't go with the gloves and extra layers.

    I felt like this course was more downhill than up..apart from mile 11-12, a real bar steward!

    One little moan...more/firmer support over those cattle grids next time please...not good.

    Will definitely be back next year.

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