Has anyone received theirs (if they ordered it) Ordered mine on the 24th April


  • Anyone recieved theirs yet ??  Had an email on June 1st to say it will be delivered within the next 5 days as they have been having 'issues with delivery services' - still nowt.


  • Nope, there are 3 of us here and none of us have received them

  • just phoned them and they said a batch went missing and they are going to send me another one within 10 days.  You may want to call them

  • I'll call them now - thanks for that.  -  batch went missing ?? - or perhaps sat on a shelf in a warehouse still ??   image

  • Not had mine yet.

  • Mine arrived yesterday. You will need to refer to the original Pic to get a clue how to fit it! Not great really, and my name/number is stuck on crooked image

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