Hamsterley Forest Marathon

There is still a couple of weeks left if you fancy this one.
Three laps on forestry roads, and only £12.
What's not to like !?


  • I'm in Ian - sounds fabtasstic and really looking forward to it. Just shows you don't have to charge a fortune.

  • Hi Ian!

    I'm still on for marshalling duties if needed. I may be able to come the day before to help mark the course out. image

  • I really really want to but I'm supposed to be at a work night out on the Saturday image  I'm sure they won't miss me if I don't go, right?!  It's nice and local so I'm probably going to follow the map and run one lap to see what it's like.

  • NB It's hilly !!!

  • No No, there is only one hill.

    Admittedly that is per lap, and its a long hill, but still only one of them image


  • Yes Ian- I should have said "there is a hill"!!!! 

    AND ALL HILLS COME DOWNimageimage! The down hill bit is great

    It is a beautiful course

  • Only a week to go. Still  a few places available for anyone who fancies a bit of a trot around the forestimage

  • Any ideas on when the 2013 event will open for entries? i see a date has already been set. image


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