i am running a flat 10k the Sunday after next. I have come back to running recently and  run 2 hilly 10ks in 59 mins and 60 mins. I would like to run the next one in under 55 mins. What can I do in the time left to help me reach my goal or is there not enough time. I am a little over weight and 49 years old. Grateful for any advice 


  • It takes time, be patient and keep plugging away.

    I've also discovered beetroot juice and I reckon it works, though it could be placebo; who cares; placebos work too:

    And caffiene; drink a strong cup of coffee about 20 minutes prior to your race; it really does help.

  • Caffiene helps by numbing the pain messages that the brain recieves. (or something along those lines), If you think it wise to take caffiene before a race then do so. Otherwise don't try anything you haven't done before.

    As for how to go sub 50 in a 10k, improving your pb by 5 mins. Lose weight and train consistantly over the comming weeks.

    The more running you do the better your chances. I think it's too late to do much before your forthcomming 10k. In future you might like to do parkruns. They are 5k timed events and held all over the country. You might have to travel some to your nearest but where else are you going to find a free event every week? Doing this will really help your 10k time without having to worry about technical stuff like tempo runs and intervals.

    When I did my first race and said I wanted to be 5 mins faster I was told that 5 mins is a lot of time to knock off. You may have to nibble away at your pb seconds at a time but it will get better. It just takes time.

  • how realistic your hopes are depend on how hilly your hilly 10ks were, but 4mins is a big chunk of time and about 700m at 59min pace.

    Bit late to make any difference through training - make sure you are rested and have your pacing worked out to get the most out of yourself. A PB is a PB whether it's 58,57,56 or under 55.

  • The hillies were fordingbridge in the new forest and marwell and they definitely slowed me because the hills were at the start.  My pace increased in the later stages. I agree that 4 mins is a lot but I remember that I used sub 50s for 10k when i was younger. I reckon my weight really works against me when going uphill so a flat course will really help. I will try a park run sometime and try the caffeine althougfh not sure about the beetroot. Thanks for all the advice

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