Pirate Summer Social



  • Golden Boots wrote (see)

    Saucony 10k, back in February..... The only race I have finished this year image I like the idea of parkrun... but Nonsuch is soooo far away! image

    And a very good race it was too, you were flying image Horrible tee shirt though...

    Nonsuch isn't far, you are only a little way from us (4 miles mebbe) and we are heading over there because of the Foreign Visitors (i.e. Hope & Garr)...and yes, SLAG beer at LMNH...what's not to like (except it's really foamy for some reason).

  • Are we nearly there yet?

  • I suspect GB will be at the pub down the road will he ... ??    image

  • I wonder how many pints of beer he'll start?!  image

  • Actually... my little brother is coming along (He's desperate to become an honourary pirate) and I think we're going to keep it a pretty quiet night with just a few drinks image

    and nonsuch is about 50 minutes cycle away... and we wont be up that early to get there in time after a night out image Think I will just have to do the Gunnersbury one again instead!

  • Sorry folks but you'll have to party without me for this one now.

    Very much craving a wkend at home with the kids so I'm going to give this a miss.

    Have fun you guys! image
  • I'll be there whenever Network Rail deem it feasible to get me there,   looking forward to it as this seems to have been a long busy week already!

  • I have managed to blag a day working from home (watching le Tour with a beer and my phone/laptop turned on next to me)

    so can be there fairly early now!!

  • No Nonsuch trip then for me now...I was only coming to see you Hope, so I will be lazy & stick to Bushy. Sad you will not be coming though image
  • Me too Mrs.F but it's the right thing this time.

    Imagine how excited I'm going to be by the Christmas doooo!! xxx

  • image Fair enough Hope, a sensible decision though.

    We'll just have to drink your sharae of beer between us! 

  • You can have my thimble full Engineer! image

  • I was about to say that really wouldnt go far .... this one is most defintitely a lightweight !!

  • Hope I can still get along tomorrow. I'm in Nottingham at the mo so depends what time we get back. image

  • Soup Dragon wrote (see)

    Hope I can still get along tomorrow. I'm in Nottingham at the mo so depends what time we get back. image

    Tell me you're not still out on the feed station? image

  • Hahahahaha - I'm dedicated me. image

    Love the new name Ironcat. 

  • WaterHi5GelsBananas!

    Ta! image

  • I might be dragging out jeans and a jumper at this rate 

    Feckin summer  image

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    image Don't finish work until gone 7 so won't be able to make it.  Can we have one on a Saturday sometime pretty please?

  • Finish work and jump on a train .. sorted  image

  • You're like a 5 min walk from Ashtead station HC! no excuses! You can be there by 8pm EASY!!! 

  • can someone remind me where this is tomorrow

  • Can't quote on iPad, but page 11, Holly's post of 19:25 of 27/06/12 image
  • OC .. time for some more press ganging ??  image

  • Anyone who's not coming to Extravalanza should be afraid

    VERY AFRAID image

  • Don't know if I will be there now... have spent the last 30 hours dying in bed, will see if I am any better tomorrow! image

  • Packed my stuff...not sure how I will lug it all to work tomorrow! As well as clothes for tomorrow night, the pyjama party at Holly's and a run on Saturday, I have my laptop, site boots and hard hat cos I'm going crawling round Bond Street underground station tomorrow afternoon!

    Melds...I've packed jeans and long sleeved top but I have sandals...although they are platforms so might keep me above any flood water!
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