Pirate Summer Social



  • bhflyerbhflyer ✭✭✭
    Damn think I'm gonna have to drop out, domestic duties image. Have a good one!
  • http://www.soap.com.au/underground/tbm_wet.jpg


    Just for you Cas

  • I have been to that factory image

    But I'm going to see the station upgrade not a Crossrail site today, so no TBMs to play with today
  • where did you find that, Carl? Behind my sofa? Look at the cobwebs on it...


  • Have a lovely party my piratey pals. Sorry I cant get down to see you this year.  Hopefully I'll catch up at Xmas though. 



  • Should have taken to day off work and got on a train to the big smoke and joined you.  Olympic flame is in town this weekend and the place is going to come to a shut down.  Have fun!


  • Having a slightly location "blonde" mornent if anyone else perhaps has spotted this...

    I know we talked about it being on the river and near some boats (which caused confusion & conversation at Outlaw as to which boats they were!) & if you google the postcode from the website, SE1 9EF, it does indeed show it as being near the river.  However; if you click on "find us" link on the website then the map shows it to be somewhere near Hyde Park & it says the nearest tube / train is Cannon Street - slightly confused?!?

  • I had that too Shas but it is in fact on the otherside of the river from Cannon street not near Hyde Park. I google SE1 9EF and it does show the Anchor.image



  • I actually mailed them to tell them of the error earlier this week, Shas - I wonder if they'll ever change it, or if they're one of those companies that doesn't actually take its communications very seriously... image

  • are we there yet??

  • Full report and pictures tomorrow, please!  Who's the first to go swimming?

  • I am here image well not here yet, am at Look Mum drinking cyder with Funkin, Bassy & Mrs Bassy...chin chin image
  • heehee - are you all going to be pistickled by the time you get to th'Anchor?!


  • Hehe, the family Bassy are not coming out to play image am I a bit tiddlywinks already? Nahimage
  • Tiddlywinks? Damn you autocorrectimage
  • I'll be off to the pub in about an hour.  I am looking forward to a large glass of wine!

    Who else will be early?

  • have a great time all.............you wuill be saved from my company until the christmas do

  • Can't make it so no pacing group from me tonight, have fun all.

  • Not me (unfortunately), somewhere around 19:45 if the trains behave.

  • Have a good time guys, need to prioritise i'm afraid, sorry image hope you all have a great evening!! (which I am sure you will!)

  • Have fun kiddies. image

  • I think I may be the first one here then image
  • FlatFooted was talking about getting there at four, so you might be second. 

    I may well be third!

  • Lol ... Ok KK ... I'll consider that first one as yours thenimage , it was lush
  • Flat footed is running late but on route , so it's a race for second
  • FlatFooted was talking about getting there at four, so you might be second. 

    I may well be third at this rate!

    I'll be the finely-honed athlete with a red carnation and a copy of the Financial Times.

    Well, a glass of wine and an Evening Standard image

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