Pirate Summer Social



  • Sorry guys, as well known it is that I like a drink, I've been stuck in bed for the past 48 hours about to die

    Have a good one!
  • Lightweightimage
  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    I am at the anchor - where iswhere is everyone? I'm at the anchor. Don't see any pirate gear or red carnations. image
  • go upstairs? image

  • Everyone is I think just me so far ... Main bar table by big wooden pillar near fruit machines
  • Are you here Jj ?
  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    I am upstairs. Unless you are all represented by a few lovey dovey couples you ain't here image
  • I am not upstairs upstairs .... Is there a table up there ? I'm on ground floor , large bar area ,
  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Slag is that you? I ain't coming up to you and asking if you are a slag.
  • Lol .. Just pmd mobile number
  • I am here upstairs as i don' t know slagg i'll have wait for others to arrive
  • I'm staying in to watch this thread image

  • Meeting people off the internet.....what do you tell your.kids eh
  • Worries about chums being captured and sold into white slavery in the Big City...

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    have fun kids....

    un autre fois

  • Tortuga wrote (see)
    Slag is that you? I ain't coming up to you and asking if you are a slag.

    Why ever not?  Everyone else just shouts 'Oi, Slaggggg!'  image

  • around my parts PS you would get a lot of yes responses image

  • Tommy ,, pmd you
  • Another lost pirate here - there are lots of tables & pillars & fruit machines - care to narrow it down any further image

    I'm in a car on the A40, being very amused by The Lost Pirates...
  • Aw wish I was there image  Currently having a glass of vino to drowm my pirate-less sorrowsimage  Have a great evening folks image

  • Top floor , above chip bar near the Dior to terrace shas
  • Door not Dior .... Gladys is here now so look for mincing
  • This is more fun than coming along image

    Wonder if they'll ever find each other????

  • Have fun you guys.image

    Please don't behave and take lots of pics! xx

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Race report: I arrived at the venue - a big win for me as I was properly nervous. After a few mins I realised I was standing next to a double ironman, Slag. How do you approach a complete stranger who has achieved such an epic task not once buy twice? How do you approach someone and say 'oi, slaaaaaag' Coincidence of all coincidences, I have met (and bored the pants off) Slag before in a business environment! What were the odds, I believe we are even LinkedIn!

    Slag, and the others i talked to, I know I was rabbiting on but I make no apologies. I was star struck

    As more epic individuals arrived my level of star struckedness reached higher and higher levels. What an amazing group of inspiring people you all are. Everyone was so down to earth and friendly and yet so totally EPIC in their achievements. I have read a little about how the pirates came to be. It is clear to me that the ethos and mindset of the pirates lives on, undilluted and as the founders intended.

    I had a great time talking to Jess, Funkin, Slag, Flat Footed and more. I don't think I can wait till 2014 for my first ironman. Stage 1: VLM 2013. Stage 2: Challenge Henley - well that's the plan
  • Well done Turtle head!  But it appears you've left a bit early!!  image  A Pirate doesn't leave the ship!!  He just sails off in search of treasure!!  image

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