Pirate Summer Social



  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Ha yes I did walk the plank a little early image
  • I could get used to this whole chauffeur-driven thing... image

    Lovely evening. X
  • Aaaaaaand home. image

    Well that was simply splendid. Also happy that my previous post was legible, as I did it in the car, in the dark, without me specs. Having a nice piece of toast and a li'l nightcap with himself, who also had a splendid time and loved you all, darlinks.image


  • Sooooo.....................many sair heids this morning?

  • I think one of my pints must have been off.....

    Have to say, wouldnt have fancied waking up this am and doing an Ironman. What sort of plonker would go on the lash the night before?! image


  • My head hurts. image


    Cracking night, folks. Nice to meet you all! 

  • i reckon Gladys is right ... something a bit dodgy with one of my pints as well, either that or someone has just pressed the loud button in our house today image.  

    Nice evening out that .. good to catch up with you all , and to meet some new (to me at least ) Piratey chums.  I reckon that can mark the official end of post outlaw recovery so once i shift this bloody headache i guess I better think about trying to get in some kind of shape ( other than the big round one) for IMW image..

    Good to see you again Tortuga ... goes to show what a small world telecoms is i guess. Get yourself signed up for an IM mate you wont regret it .

    Wheres the xmas do gonna be ???


  • Tortuga wrote (see)
    ....I had a great time talking to Jess, Funkin, Slag, Flat Footed and more. I don't think I can wait till 2014 for my first ironman. Stage 1: VLM 2013. Stage 2: Challenge Henley - well that's the plan

    Good to meet you last night and good luck and have fun with the training.  And nice to see plenty of other faces there as well.

  • I think i'm dieing

  • Bunch of lightweights! I'm only just heading home!

    Had a great time last night although I need some brain bleach to remove the image of Barley removing his trousers O_o
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    any regrets I had at not being able to be there have gone now, thanks Cas image

  • Why didn't I have anything to eat!?

  • Errrm, 'cos Eating is Cheating?
    Hope all poorly heads are better.

  • Yes ..... I had just managed to erase that picture from my mind and Cas goes and puts it straight back there again!!

    Where on earth is the Barlos anyway??   image

    THE Engineer .... you deserve a thick head   image

  • Sounds like you had a good time!

    Nice work team image

  • Great to meet you all again and put a few more names to faces.  not sure how many I will remember though.

    I was surprised that I felt ok this morning given how little I ate yesterday, how much I drunk and how little sleep I got.  The sea swim at 8am cleared away the last of the cobwebs

  • Top evening guys,  thanks for great company and to Holly for sorting out such a unique venue!image

  • Yes, it was a nice place, so thanks Holly. image

    Even when we arrived, at just gone 7, it still took a while to find everyone. But it was a lovely li'l bar, and the staff were sweet - and the funniest thing was that we upheld the Pirate tradition of drinking our bar dry! It was only about 10 ish when Mr Jj found that there was no beer left! imageimageimage

  • We drank it dry of tonic water to go in the G&Ts too image
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