Ooooh.... Horlicks! At least it's not broken!

Rolled my left ankle on a cross country run yesterday. Not broken but very swollen. I'm following the tip sheet A&E gave me but anyone got any good tips to aid recovery? It's very frustrating. I've just discovered how good hrm's can be and was really upping my speed.


  • From my experience .. keep it moving as much as you can, use RICE which I should imagine is on the tip sheet

    Once pain free and you are able to start running again then incorporate some stability exercises into your regime to give the tendons and ligaments something to think about

    I suffered a bad sprain last year and had a few weeks off, had a minor sprain on Thursday and had my first run back yesterday so it all depends on the severity/grade

  • Hi Simon, is that you in your picture? Lucky you didn't break anything you look quite thin and fragile!....
  • My ego Tom, just my ego. That made me laugh out loud, btw.

    It's not a true likeness of me - it was taken a few years back when I was carrying some extra pounds.

    I heard a popping sound, really loud, as I went over. Sickening. Which is why I went to A&E. I did the same ankle skipping about 10 years ago so wonder if I have some natural weakness that side.

    Hopefully back on the hills in two weeks. Fingers crossed.
  • Ooh, ouch. image Sounds like a nasty one. I've gone over on both ankles numerous times with varying amounts of minor damage but only once did I land really badly and hear the awful popping sound. The outside of my lower leg went purple, almost black, right up to mid calf, and it was nearly 9 months before running was confortable again.

    Compression socks can help keep the swelling down which in turn helps you with gentle range of motion exercises while recovering. I'm not actually qualified to give any advice though and Tom Goom may tell you something completely different, in which case ignore what I said! Hope you're back out running soon...

  • Don't ignore runs-with-dogs, she's totally right!
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