The Hull Marathon

i am tempted to give this race a crack next year.i would love to run over humber bridge.however,stories/rumours about hull suggest it is an unsafe/dangerous place to visit and have heard stories saying the crime rate there is awful.
am hoping to hear from people who have done this as to whether these rumours are true and whether the race is based in a safe area of hull


  • I really think you should stay at home, in fact stay in BED.

    That way you should stay nice and safe.


  • ha ha.

    cant do that!just someone from my family went to hull and had their car mirrors ripped off in daylight and came across a gang blocking the road!so am entitled to feel apprehensive about going there

  • I no nothing about Hull. However I will never forget the children of Stoke on Trent throwing stones at the marathon runners as we went by. And the crazy American who broke off the route to chase them away.

    Children are children everywhere, and they always have been.
  • The bridge is big and nasty, long way down to the water, it can be windy, it could even rain-I would stick to the tredmill !!

  • There were serious issues with the 2012 race such that any runners should seriously consider whether they want to enter it in 2013.  See this Hull Marathon thread

  • Richard - are you confusing Hull with Hell ?

    All big cities have dodgy areas but I'm sure you'll be fine.

    What area do you live in ?
  • I hear the women in Hull piss in the urinals.
  • Ever tried it?
  • i don't live in hull! i just wanted people who have done this to confirm whether the race was based in a safer area of the city.i guess am thinking of a spectators point of view too.wouldnt want to finish the race to find my other half had been mugged! 

    am sure hull is prob ok.but live 160 miles from the place.the marathon course looks excellent but have heard that the area is very rough! so any constructive comments rather than silly ones/pisstakes would be much appreciated. thankyou.

    in response to wilkie-so much for telling me to stay in bed.i am doing an ironman in snowdon later in the year so am prob less lazy than yourself! dont waste time posting pisstake remarks

  • I have run in Snowdonia, I didn't get mugged. I ran in Stoke and I got stoned. I don't know why this makes my colleagues laugh... (actually I do). I ran through Wolverhampton and nothing happened.

    But seriosly man, you have to chill out about this. Hull is a small northern town, it is not Cape Town (or London).

    Tbh it sounds like a bloody boring run in a one horse town. If you live 160 miles away (Scotland or Berkshire) then look on the 100 marathon club site and you may find the marathon for you.

    Good luck... Just don't get stressed about running! Otherwise, what the hell is the point?

    I'm from's safe enough in an organised event but a bit of a no-go area if you were to go for a recreational run on your own with ipods and fancy watches and things. Lots of unsavoury people about (to put it politely)! As soon as you get out of the city centre it’s ok. But after this year's marathon there was a lot of complaining about the course not being measured properly, lack of race markers, few organisers etc. Better places and events to run in to be honest.


  • Snowdon is loads more dangerous than Hull. Good luck with that.
  • lol.snowdon is dangerous for physically killing you with the hills!lovely area to visit though.cheers for info sorry you can't pride your hometown.its a shame when an area with nice landmarks gets ruined by a few unsavoury people.humber bridge does look awesome mate.

    i think they should organise a marathon event going over severn bridge.i do travel around the country a fact i use my marathon running as an excuse to see places in the uk i otherwise would  not go to.

  • I have to disagree with ReebSwift - I've lived in Hull for 15 years and it's a great place - there are some wonderful places to carb load the day before. Like any city there are some deprived areas but these are further out and nowhere near the route or any accommodation.

    Yes, there were a lot of issues with the marathon but there is also a great willingness among the running clubs to support whoever organises it next year. A lot of runners enjoyed it, saw its potential and want it to grow. Running over Humber Bridge is great - windy, yes, and an incline to get on it, but it's iconic.

    I did the final relay lap because I did Brighton marathon the following week, but I'd definitely run it next year if I don't get a VLM place.

    P.S. and I'm not on commission!!!
  • i've done the london marathon 3 times.thats enough for me!i like to support growing marathons in different cities around the uk. hull,manchester,brighton,liverpool,lancaster are all on a to do list for me.and the chester marathon is worth doing as well,did that last year.

    ps-think they should bring a full 26 to leeds as well

  • it's very easy to give places like Hull a bashing. I've done the Hull 10k, Humber Bridge 10k, and Humber Bridge Half Marathon. As far as I'm concerned the support was amazing and everything completely safe.

    Just because some people have read about or seen a TV programme written by some delusional southern sensationalistic journalist they shouldn't base the real facts on that. Everywhere has it's good and bad parts north and south.

  • Doesn't Sarah Ferguson live on some council estate in Hull?
  • i would say nottingham is the most dodgy city i have been to in my time.the crime there is terrible

  • Oh for God's sake, man, this is Hull - an ordinary northern city.  In fact the area through which much of the marathon route passes is where I grew up.  There is nothing remotely dangerous about running through this area during the marathon and offers a range of spectating viewing points if you do your homework.

    It does make you wonder if we really live in one nation when you read threads like this.  Some of the nation seem to live quite sheltered lives.  Mind you, when the chief qualifications for senior public office seem to be a private education and personal fortune, it's hardly surprising.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Richard.. I have run the East Hull 20 almost every year since 1994. Until a few years ago the course used to run through Bransholme between miles 16-19. This is the Hull mafia territory if indeed there is one.  Remarkably I am still alive and well despite around a dozen circuits through this area.  The marathon doesn't go near it so get yourself and your supporters along for the day & enjoy it! 

  • Well said Barnsley Runner. I myself have friends and relatives all over the UK and it is extremely damaging for people to believe stories and rumours about any area when portrayed in a negative light.

  • This thread started so narrow minded I presumed it was a joke!!
  • Can I sign you all up for next year, then??!
  • Yes I'll certainly be doing the Hull Marathon.  Not so sure about this London one, as I heard some bombs went off there once...

  • and Birmingham, Manchester, Warrington, Omagh...

    The whole premise of this thread is insane... what are you worried about? Terroist bombings, pissed up locals on a Saturday night, Nazi's marching down from Burnley, tsunami's from Norway, Yorkshiremen practicing "ecki thump"... this is rediculous. Hull if an unremarkable Northern town.
  • I'm loving this thread. image

  • Too right park run!
  • I think the OP has been wrapped back up in his cotton wool and is safely in Tory suburbia.

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