Coombe Hill 6K

what joker describes this race as undulating. Halfway up the second  hill is like running uup the face of a cliff.

Great race thou. Come on you know you want too.


  • Oh joy ... i'm washing my hair!

  • I LOVE Combe Hill !!  

    I train there every so often, never once managed to run all the way up the "Cliff" you mention !  

  • Tigeress had a good run this morn. Finnished in just over 32minutes, still waiting for the results on line to get official times.  But there was no free bear or sanwiches this year. And thats the only thing I went down there for.LOL

    I've tryed to run up the hill loads of times and only made it twice.

  • and the beer wasn't free either


  • I reckon a free bear would have helped us all to keep running ...

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