Trail running shoes for small wide feet?

Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭

I'm looking for trail shoes with a bit of cushioning, but still fairly low and not much toe-heel differential. I've got small feet (take c. size 5 in most running shoes) but a WIDE forefoot. My Vivobarefoot Neos are great, but I'm thinking I may want a bit more cushioning for the North Downs Way 50 and so far I've only run up to 15 miles in Neos. Middle toe nails are not happy after 10 miles mostly off road last night in Mizuno Wave Harriers (size 5.5 - certainly not too short), so I'm not going to be wanting to wear those for longer distances.



  • did you look at Brooks pure grit? I have pure flows and they are not too narrow, minimalist(ish) but cushy

  • I got a chance to try them recently - and Unfortunately they're too narrow on the forefoot. Move up a size and they're too wide on the heel...

  • I have the same problem - if you are wanting a minimalist/barefoot shoe then i can recommend Merrell barefoot shoes, they have a nice wide toe box. I have a pair and they are great. You might also look at inov8's, i don't have any but tried some on and they fitted well.

  • Hi Max's Mum. Thanks for the suggestion of the Merrel barefoot shoes; I've already got minimal - Vivobarefoot (Terra Plana) Neos (noraml and trail), which I'm really happy with. But everyone keeps telling me I need more cushioning for the 50-miler, and I'll admit that the balls of my feet were quite pleased when I switched from Neos (normal, not trail) to more cushioned shoes after 15 miles of road running last Saturday.

    I do have a pair of the Neo trail one size too big as well - suppose I could try those with an extra insole???

  • Hey i have wide feet (off the G mark when I was a kid) I got some Saucony ones  - I have saucony road shoes too they seem to bear well with my feet - maybe worth trying some on? They have some slight cushioning in them too as I have suffered from Plantar fascitis so a bit cautious of v minimal shoes. Apart from a black toe nail or two they are good.

  • Adidas supernova riots. I'm based just a few miles south of the ndw and they are great for trail running. I've not had problems with toenails in them and I have a size 4 extra wide foot.
  • Have a look at the NB 110, they're a bit too minimalist for me but no way near as minimalist than your Neos!!!

  • Okay, I'm going to go up to the Lake District for a day to try on trail running shoes! Was thinking of hitting Keswick mainly, via central Lakes (Ambleside, Grasmere). Suggestions for shops to go to?

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