bad hip

i've been running (or NOt running) with a painful left hip for 7 months now.

it feels for the life of me, like a trapped nerve, but surely that can't last for 7 months??

also, my hip sort of grinds when i walk

any ideas


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    It could be any number of things, from a slightly misaligned pelvis, sciatica, piriformis or ITBS, depending on exactly where the pain is. Can you describe the exact location, and the pain itself - e.g. stabbing, aching, I've been shot, etc.

    Have you seen anyone about it - an osteopath sorted me out.
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    Oh, btw - welcome back. Not seen you in these parts for ages (but the 7 month lay off might explain that!)
  • stabbing pain which seems to come on in certain "stress" instances like lifting a suitcase upstairs for eg

    am due to see GP on thursday am.....any thoughts what to ask for etc
  • Sounds familiar. V. annoying. Am suffering at the moment - varies from a dull ache (fairly constant) to shooting pains in the hip/lower back region. Currently had 3 physio sessions and the area in question is being stretched and massaged. Has eased slightly. Am told my hamstrings are tight and need easing which could be a contributing factor. Have toyed with the osteo idea. I know he would "click" me back but physio says this is only a quick fix. Have not run for three weeks now.
    See the oseo/physio thread.
    Good luck.
  • Hi all - first post of forum and was going to start a thread on a bad hip today! Mine hip is hurting right at the top of the thigh(not sure if that is still classed as hip!!) it is like a stabbing pain when I put pressure on it. Any ideas? I am half way through marathon training and not sure what to do.
  • I've also had a niggly left hip for a while now. It started after a 1/2 marathon in June - a sort of dull ache on the outside of my hip (well bottom of hip, top of thigh)which starts after I've been running for about 1/2 hr and gets progressively worse, particularly on downhills.
    Also only sore when I run, not walk or go up/down stairs, and is fine the next day again.
    I saw a podiatrist, who seemed to think my hip ache was ITBS related and diagnosed severe overpronation on my left foot and I got orthotics. They have certainly helped the knee/shin niggles I had, but no difference to the hip.
    Saw a GP who did nothing but suggest I see a sports physician and I've still got to make that appointment.
    I'm also training for a marathon in Oct so not sure what'll happen. I'll be giving my hip a weeks rest in Spain next week, so maybe that'll do the trick !
  • At least I am not alone with my hip failure. 5 months, 2 come backs, 2 breakdowns, lots of pain and a wallett £1000 lighter - so much for private medicine. Next step is a £500 MRI scan.

    The wizards have offered the following options over this period.
    Trapped Nerve.
    Osteoathritis and need for hip replacement.
    Illiotibial Band and Bursa. I was told by the doctor to run through this!!!
    Stress fracture.

    I have had x-rays and a bone scan which has not shown up the problem.
    Originally, the pain from the hip region would get worse with each run until total breakdown. The recovery period has lengthened as I do more damage. More recently I have found the pain at the begining of a run almost unbearable, but it would relieve after about a mile and then become an annoying niggle. I have not run for 3 weeks now and it is still uncomfortable. Previously I found I could walk and Cycle without pain. Also have a burning pain (probably nerve pain) down the outside to rear of of the leg, between the hip and knee, which I have been tolerating for the last couple of years - the reason for this is also beyond medical science.

    Perhaps we should start a dodgy hip club.
  • There is a physical therapist that states that all musculoskeletal pain is caused by imbalances in your muscles. If your sort these imbalances out, no pain.
    The way to tell if you are imbalanced is to look for a few things:
    When you are standing around, look at your feet. Are they pointing forward? If not there is a problem somewhere.
    Also if you stand up straight, there should be a vertical line downwards along your side through your shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and feet. If the line isn't vertical, you have a postural problem somewhere.
    The reason these are mentioned is that say if your feet are pointing the wrong way, this would say the hip was out of place, which would mean the spine was out of place which would the shoulder blade was out of place which could lead to neck/shoulder pain. I am sure you get the idea.
    The therapist is Pete Egoscue and he has written a book called Pain Free:

    In his book he has chapters for each major section including ankle, knee, hip, back neck etc.
    There are stretches/exercises to get rid of pain for that particular area.

    I highly recommend the book.

    Having said that, most of the exercises in the book come from yoga. So you could find yourself a good yoga teacher, let them know your problem and try out a few yoga sessions and see how that helps.

    Another person who does something similar to Pete is a guy called Paul Chek.
    He has practitioners in this country, one of whom has written an article for this website. The writer is Jon Bowskill (you can search for his articles using the advanced search facility on the Health page). Here is one I have found:

    As I have documented elsewhere on these forums, I had knee pain. Went to physio, diagnosed as patellar mistracking. Couldn't be ar**d to do the exercises. Saw a podiatrist who prescribed orthotics as if they were the solution for every ailment. Knew this was not true.
    Started yoga and no more knee pain. Also have the advantage that yoga stretches out the whole body and I feel completely relaxed and blissful at the end of a class.

    Sorry for rambling and hope that helps.
  • Oh forgot to mention the thing that Egoscue says about hip problems:

    Say your right hip is giving you problems, this is because there is imbalance on the left hand side. The right is compensating and there putting itself in a painful position.
    People get hip replacements but since the problem area is not corrected, then the replacement hip has to be replaced. Probably the side that 'caused' the initial problems will also get replaced.

    If you correct the imbalances using yoga, Egoscue or Chek or whatever, then people don't need the hip replacement.
  • Egoscue is the answer!
    Believe me through chronic pain and dysfunction, I came to the method. It actually works! And worked so well for me, I've trained as a therapist, it is truly wonderful to be able to take this method to other people.
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