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  • I love running really early in the morning! It's the afternoon ones after I'm tired from work that I dislike. Having said that, I would never do a reps/interval or fast session of any sort before 10am and a decent breakfast (althoughthis is a tiny lie as when time is very tight I have been known to occasionally do a fartlek quite early). I would go out with the aim of just running as I feel, that way there are no expectations to live up to and whatever you get out is an achievement.

    In terms of racking up energy, if I am starving before a run, I find I can usually stomach a banana within 10 mins or so of running particularly if I'm taking it easy.

  • Thanks Jose, I'm kind of the same mind, I'm going to adapt my training so my early morning runs are recovery and easy runs.
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    Stuart it's still 4km more than most people probably sat in your office.  I always try to do a slightly longer one on a Friday morning, just means getting up a bit earlier.  Enjoy your 10km on Sunday

    Thanks for that, unfortunately i'm probably one of the more sluggish ones in my work, so always hearing stories various sporting adventures. The 10k went well achieving a 53.33 time, but my darned legs are a bit tired, so maybe need to put more effort into mile building. Have signed up to a half marathon in Nov with a work colleague, so have a good target. The only snag being, part of the bribery for me getting him to sign up for it, was i had to agree to taking part in 'Movember'. We shall endeavour to get all the other lads in work involved, with our team name being 'London's Hair Ambulance'. Should be fun, but itchy image

  • I want to become a morning runner and wake up early but feel like a Zombie will give it a go as at the mo I sometimesi am out running at 21.00 hrs after shift work Perhaps then I will get a part in the film called "The walking dead" or is that "The running dead" 

  • Ha ha tigerexile, not easy is it, I run @ 9pm too, get out when I can. Try and stick with the mornings and use the advice I got on here, it was a great help.
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  • I'm a newbie and just wanted to chip in and say how great this thread is. I only started running in March (but am now comfortably doing 5K, although not fast). I initially managed a few weeks of running at 5.30am. Then got out of the habit and have been trying to get back into it. I've been running after work but as one of the posts above mentioned, sometimes unexpected things happen at work and I then don't get the time to go out. Even though I'm awake at 5.30am, because I never sleep through the night I've been tellling myself I'm too tired to go out and lay half dozing for another hour - which does me no good. After reading all of your posts I'm motivated to get up and go now! Thanks image 

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