St Albans Half Events

Hi all,

Is anyone here doing the half marathon? And has anyone done it before. I ask because I want to know how hilly it is so I know what time I should aim for.




  • It`s quite hilly. Nothing enormous but you`re either going up or down.

    For some reason, it`s usually very warm on the day of the St Albans 1/2. The combination of hills and heat can be tiring....

    That said, it`s a nice scenic race with excellent marshalls.

  • Hi Herr Logik, how did you do on the hills? I thought they were not too steep just relentless. Very hard on my knees. It wasn't too hot thank God. For my first HM I'm pretty happy with St Albans but no place for a PB methinks. I got 2:22:??.

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