Friday, 1st JUne 2012

chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

I never knew you before,
I’ve been walking around with my eyes on the floor

morning all!

just back from my tempo run - will catch up later image

what: 10 miles (5 steady out and 5 HMP back)
why: I was asking that question myself
last hard: today!!
last rest 27/5

happy crunchie Friday image


  • Morning Chick

    What: 3.5M Easy off road.(Ran with Geordieimage)

    Why: Trying to get stiffness out of calf.

    Seems to have worked. Stiffness/Tightness just about gone. More stretching and an easy run tomorrow and hopefully ok for Monday.

    Off work today

    Have a good one.

    Lyrics: Not sure...

  • Morning.

    Good news birkmyre.

    chickadeee - at least tell me you're an hour ahead of us?

    sevendaughters - I'm not sure, we're going to Silkeborg. Wouldn't arrive early enough tomorrow either as we fly at 0720hrs arrive about 0950 then have an hour and a half (I think) car journey. With the early start tomorrow (which is why we're heading to Stansted this evening) and them being an hour ahead of us I expect to be running the half in my sleep on Sunday as it is!

    What:              short, easy run
    Why:               RHR is back to normal and I want to
    Last hard:        being sensible
    Last rest:         31/5

    Lyrics - no.


    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning LMH: Yeah seems patience, easy running and gentle stretching is the answer. Only taken me nearly 30 years to work it outimage

  • Morning all!

    Chicka - good session!
    Birkmyre - Good that calf seems to be sorted!
    LMH - Good that RHR has settled! Enjoy your trip and HM.
    Wabo - enjoy your dutch biking!

    Parc Bryn Bach Aquathlon for me last night - 750m swim/5k run. Swim was better than Llanelli, but still quite slow. They gave me a nice blue hat for novice/nervous swimmers so that they can keep an eye on you. Weed everywhere, but strangely didn't bother me. Saw plenty of fish in the weeds - carp and pike. I still swim too slowly to scare them off!

    I've worked out one of my OW swimming problems...I clearly cheat in the pool by kicking off the walls too much. Must stop doing that and swim the whole length...there seems to be an issue with stroke endurance for me. I think this is down to a) short pools (20m and 15m) and b) kicking off too much and reducing the number of strokes per short length.

    We don't get split times, only a total finish time. However, I heard a lady behind me in transition say her swim time was 25 mins to a friend as she was getting her wetsuit off..I'll take that, as that could be a 3min PB!! Hahaha. Transition was OK, took me too long to get wetsuit off really, but it hardly cost me the win!!

    5k run was nice - 2 laps of the lake. Bad cramp though in both calves at the start. Took a good few minutes to sort itself out. I think it was a 26 min run in the end.

    Finished in 54:09 to take last male place!!! Don't care about finishing last at all. Most people there are club triathletes and you don't get so many recreationals! I know that if I sort my swim I will be less tired in the other disciplines. My ability should stick me somewhere in mid-table eventually, just need to get a bit better!!

    What: Not sure yet
    Why: Have over 2 hours driving to do...bit tired too
    Last hard: Last night
    Last rest: Wednesday
    Lyrics: I know the artist but not the song title...heard it on the radio last night and this particular line stuck in my head.

    Take care all

  • Morning

    Alex: Nice work sir. Swimming will come

    So after two rest days with a virus I decided to see how many loose screw I still had and set out on the bike at 0345, you know its going to be hot when you start to sweat putting on your helmet. First 3 hours weren't too bad but the last 2 on the way home were brutal, my garmin tells me I did 163.4K in 5 hours 20 mins with a maximum temperature of 40.6C. Was melting by the time I got home.

    As a experiment I rode in tri shorts which were surprisingly OK certainly no less comfortable than my normal cycle shorts, only problem was that the back section of my Fizik Tri saddle is red and clear absorbs the heat, so everytime I slid back onto the red section for the last hour of the ride it was like sitting on a iron, don't suppose its going to be 40C at Outlaw though.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all, happy friday
    DD - nice work in the saddle...
    Alex - congrats on the duathlon, and hope the swim was a pb!
    lyric - nope
    what - ran in to work from the station this morning, only a mile and a half or so, prob do the same later
    why - easy Fridays
    Enjoy your crunchies and good luck if your pinning on numbers this weekend

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    tee hee - yes, LMH. One hour ahead. Enjoy your trip and good luck for Sunday.

    Alex: well done at the aquathlon. OW swims would freak me out... all that kicking and thrashing about. But then I'm a shite swimmer anyway. Perhaps one day ... but I'd need proper lessons first. There's a beautiful lake about 1.5 miles down the road from where I live and somehow I think I should make used of that at some point.

    birks: glad the calf is ok.

    DD: "first 3 hours weren't too bad but the last 2 on the way home were brutal" - ahem ...   they would be, wouldn't they? My goodness, your 5 hours this morning totally but my measly tempo run into perspective. And I thought mine was hard image

  • Morning,

    Have a great trip LMH! Re iron, I have reduced the supplement I've been taking so that might be it... probably not a good idea the month after a marathon!

    Emzap, , sorry to hear your marathon debut didnt go as smoothly as it should have, but if you still achieved a time you were happy with then you should be very proud image I can recommend VLM or Amsterdam - fantastic organisation and lovely races, although very different. Also Abingdon, but you need to get in quick for that one.

    Well raced the other night, Wabo!

    Well, today is my birthday - I'm a year off vet age, but the trauma has been displaced by my dad being taken into hospital with an infected leg ulcer. He seems to be doing ok, but I'm going down today to spend a few days with him and do some stuff around the house etc. Probably won't get to post over the next few days, so hope you all have a fab long weekend - and good luck to any racers!

    What: Nothing

    Why: No time!

    Last hard: Fitting 4 days worth of stuff into a small bag

    Last rest: Wednesday

    lyrics: No

    Enjoy the Crunchies and chat soon!
  • Alex: another great write-up, you're giving me that jealousy.

    DD: I've sent the Dubai Health Authority your IP and they'll be around to cart you off in the next hour.

    Lyrics: no.

    Rest today.

  • OK Ok Ok - hope everyone is good today.

    Well it's a big weekend for yiz over there. Have a good weekend and happy jublilee to Lizzy!! I hope it doesnt rain too much. After forecasts of good weather earlier everything seems to have gone T1T5 up!. The Q herself IMO has changed quite a bit for the better over the last few years (probably brought about by requirement and "new" attitudes in young royals). Nonetheless, she came over to the beautiful country last year and said a good deal of good stuff and visited places where it would have been impossible to visit a few years ago - good on her - and i'm a republican, but peaceful, paddy who believes everyone's views should be respected (if not agreed with)!

    Anyway, nonsense aside, had a good 5x 1 mile last night at "something between 10k and 10m pace". struggle to maintain pace for last one but it was a good session. Bumped into club charman and vented my feelings about the "no show" of team mates for last weeks Vets county champs - no doubt i'll get a call eventually in justification - still, I have the hump and thats that!!. Rest today. Long hilly run tomorrow (as upcoming HM is hilly)

    MadameO - Happ birthday - I hope the old man is good!

    LMH - all the best for the Streaky Danish adventure! 

    Alex - The only way is UP!!

    Chick - nice early tempo work

    I still dont like crunchies - I have a penguin bar in front of me - very small ;-(.



  • Madame O : Happy Birthdayimage

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Madame O happy birthday image, I hope your Dad is ok.

    LHM I bailed!

    Alex good to hear another race report from you.  Looks like practise makes perfect image

    DD you're mad!

    As for me, nothing.  I'm off to Lichfield for the weekend, then back past my Dad's on Monday to clear more things from his house.  Then working Tuesday morning (work a half day, get a day's holiday, not a bad deal).

    Stickless In case you're interested, there's a Lode and Toft scarecrow trail on this weekend.  I've done the Lode one, it's really good. Planning on doing the Toft one on monday.  May be worth checking it out if you're around.

    Enjoy the long weekend all.

  • Happy Birthday MadameO - hope your Dad recovers quickly.

    Alex - Ifind my pool and OW times to be very similar. If people are faster in OW it's often the wetsuit compensating for poor body position so it may not be your pushing off though swimming in small pools is difficult. Are you having some lessons? It might help your cramp if you consciously kick your legs a lot more in the last 100m or so of the swim, not hard but as a flutter kick to get the blood back in them.

    DD - I switched to tri shorts after my first IM. It hurts after about 5 hours in the saddle regardless of how much padding I have so may as well save the time in transition! I'm pretty confident you won't have to worry about the temperature at Outlaw (i live about half an hour away). Hope to be there to support.

    Paddy - If you were still mad about it it's just as well to vent.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Busy on here today again.image

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Happy birthday MadameO, bet you can't wait for the next one image! Thanks for your recent help...J has got somewhere in Edgbaston, he hopes (subject to references etc). Next weekend may well see a complicated move involving moving him from London to Birmingham, and daughter from Birmingham to home, and visiting mum on the way: looks like Thurs/Fri/Sat will be spent sitting on motorways! Hope your dad makes a swift recovery.

    What: nothing, stretches/Achilles exercises two hours gardening done and dusted.

    Lyrics: know! Unfortunately I can't even do what the title suggests!


    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • LMH - While not mad about it still, its logged and giving rise to latent frustration. The club needs a bit of profile and this was the perfect opportunity to get it and break the stranglehold held by the one or two big clubs - instead we were "making up the numbers" and until we field the team that we are now capable of fielding we wont be taken seriously!!

  • Chick: nice 10.
    Birk: There's no such things as junk miles, good 3.5. Job done.
    LMH: have fun.
    Alex: That sounds like an enjoyable tri. As many people come last as come first, but far more stay sat on their arses.
    DD: Not only was it a barkingly long way in silly heat, but it was insanely fast too.
    Dustin: it all counts.
    MadameO: I hope that your Dad is OK soon, and have an otherwise happy birthday.
    Paddy: Stop resting you lazy monkey and do a bitimage
    EMZ: it sounds busy.

    For me, a pleasant outing, to try out my new trainers. I've been using Mizuno Wave Riders for a while, needed a new pair, then they had a sale. Can't grumble. It was like having new suspension on your old car. Very enjoyable. 11+ miles done at a steady pace.
    Swimming later, and then choir practice. Meanwhile, I'd better get to the bike shop to buy a proper track pump in readiness for the weekend.

  • Evening all image I recognise a few names in here, so hope you don't mind if I join in?

    madameO - happy birthday, and hope your Dad is doing OK in hospital.

    Me today;

    What: (ran 8, walked 2) x 3

    Why: training for 5K on 10th

    Last hard: Sunday

    Last rest: yesterday

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Welcome, LBL! I take it that today's session was 3 x 8 min run, 2 minute walk (as opposed to 8k/miles run etc!!)

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Welcome LBL.

    Departing for Stansted shortly so will check in as and when I can - enjoy the long weekend all.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Sorry i'm late but i kinda had a good sleep bed at 1am up at 12:15 could have stayed in too but had things to do and had to be done today

    LMH looks like i missd you have a nice time - enjoy the race even if you're not racing
    Chickadee Hats off to you can't contemplate running that far that early
    Wabo may have missed you too, have a nice time you'll have to let us know whatt its like biking there
    Alex nice going
    DD 5 hours certainly a long time hats off to you as well
    Madame O Happy birthday Hope Dad will be ok
    Blisters - You have to have a track pump love mine Wouldn't be without it
    LbL Welcome best of luck with your 5km

    Well did about a 3.8 mile walk this afternoon to town and back not worth getting the bus. Daylight robbery anyway Then out for a run tonight

    What: 3.88 miles
    Why: making it a habit
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Lyrics No


    Yesterdays lyrics Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the School Yard

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    What - Pub Club Run.... 5.29m then food and drink in the pub...
    Why - Club event....
    Last hard - Weds
    Last Rest - Yesterday

    Take care

  • Alehouse, yes sorry - it is most definitely minutes not miles image still getting back into my running so being sensible and doing the boring but careful run/walk come back programme.

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