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looking for opinions on changing to racing shoes and will they make a difference.

Really close to getting under sub 40 for a 10k and have always stuck to my running shoes Asics Kayano which are tried and tested for my marathons and half marathon. But talking to another couple of runners in the club and at events they have all hinted towards the simple change in running shoes to racing shoes might help be get over the barrier of sub 40. But not sure if making the change only for 5k and 10k races will make the difference of am I risking myself by not sticking to my shoe type.

Seen the article in this months mag which has the brief description in it, but not sure if its a anvenue I should be going down.




  • If worried why not look for a lightweight training shoe with a bit of support in it?

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I train in the 2000 series which is a cheaper stuctured shoe from Asics.  I picked up a pair of Asics DS Trainers and loved them, as its still an Asics structured shoe but it feels a lot lighter.  I've gone through several pairs now running various races between 5k and marathon.

    Asics market it as a training shoe for speed sessions, but they are a really good intermediary between training shoe and racing flat.

    They could be worth a try?   


  • i have these, they are stupid light but have incredible support and response, feels like a minimal racing shoe but supports and cushions like a bigger road shoe. (i usually rack up the miles in nimbus) 



  • Cheers they look smart.

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