4mm drop - what are my options?

Right, it's taken me ages but I've found my sweet spot. I'll soon be needing a pair of new road shoes to replace my brand spanking new Kinvaras (which really arn't going to last long). I really don't want to pay a fortune and I can't be doing with needing a new pair of Kinvaras every other month. I've used Nike Free 3.0 v3 and v4; the v3 are to 'squidgy' and my feet just tear through the v4's. Is there anything else out there with the same drop? I'm not fussed about the weight, and the less support the butter. I would like a sub ??50 shoe though. Help!


  • I was asking advice in a running shop today (well yesterday) and they encouraged me to try the Brooks Pure project shoes. There are 3 different models available according to your needs.. Felt weird to me as I have always run with a regular heel.  I think they were described as being 4mm drop. Might be worth a look.  I'm still considering whether to buy some.  It's an expensive experiment if they don't suit, though I'm told you get used to them. I have no problems from wearing the standard heal so I really don't know whether to mess with things.

  • I have brooks pure grit and so far think they're great going to be marathoning in them next weekend so that will give me a better idea! You won't find them for the price the OP wanted though!
  • I got brooks pure flow a couple of weeks ago. Love them, but since they do encourage forefoot strike I needed some time to get used to them (learned the hard way). From what you say about Nike's being squidgy, you may find them perhaps too cushioned - pure connects have more minimalis feel.. Not cheap though, ??90, but sweatshop have 20% off fot this w/e.
  • The brooks look okay, an idea on expected milages out of a pair? I don't mind paying for a fairly robust shoe that'll last 6 months or so.
  • Only done 50 miles in mine so far but there's no sign of wear at all, not one smooth bit on the sole!!!
  • 400ish out of my flows

  • Or go the whole hog and drop down to VivoBarefoot Neos or Evos - Not sure how many miles I've done in my Neos as they're not my only shoes but I expect to keep wearing them until the sole is worn through and I expect that to take several hundred miles!

  • I think Newton Gravities have a 4mm drop.

  • I was wondering what drop newtons had but couldn't find any info! Feels like less than 4mm! I have motions and distance u's
  • http://birthdayshoes.com/review-new-balance-minimus-trail-leather-mt10

    Don't personally know anything about them - just remembered this thread.
  • Distances are 2 mm drop, less than the Gravities.  Think Motions are the same as the  Gravities.

  • Thanks image
  • I'm not keen on the Newtons - much more than I'd like to spend on a pair of shoes and they seem pretty high stack height. I wear the New Balance MT110 for trail (which have a 4mm drop); there's a rock plate in there though so they are a bit harsh for the road. Fells are taken care by Inov8 Baregrips or X-Talon's.

    The New Balance 3090 look interesting and can be had for ~??50. May give them a try before the Brooks Connect.
  • You could probably get soem Kinvara 2s for a decent price now that the 3s are out.

  • Anyone worn both so got a comparison between X-Talon 190 and 212? My wide foot means that the softer material of the 190 is much more comfortable. I'm looking for something with just a bit more underfoot protection than my VivoBarefoot Neo Trails. I did see one review that suggested the 190 might actually give (strange though it may seem) stightly MORE protection from underfoot pointy things than the 212 - something to do with the material the sole is made of.

  • Just to update did a marathon in my Brooks Pure Grits and they were great, jumped from 11 miles to 26.2 with no problems, no blisters or unusual aches!

    I also have a pair of NB110's but they are a little too minimalist for me! I haven't tried the Kinvara's but have found other 4mm drop Saucony's to be a bit stiff, I like my shoes flexible!

  • Love my flows more and more, no calf pain now on up to 7k, but it does take time to switch to more flat shoes (well for me it does). Am tempted to try merrell glove trail next - these are 0 mm though.
  • Well for the last couple of weeks I've done all my runs in my Neos or Neo Trails - including nine miles in the Lake District last Wednesday and 24 miles mostly off-road on Saturday. Taken me some time to get to this point! The only negative is that now if I go into a shop and try on conventional running shoes I really notice that heel-toe differential and it feels awful. The low-drop (one- or two- arrow) Inov8s are okay for drop (3 or 6 mm) - but made on their "Performance" last which is too narrow in the forefoot. Apparently they're going to be making some of the lower drop shoes in their "Anatomical" shape soon - I'm looking forward to trying those.

  • Touie just how trail-ready are pure grits? Was sliding in mud all over the place today and am thinkin of getting proper trail shoes but of the minimalist(ish) profile
  • I haven't given them a proper muddy test yet, Ive only been out twice when it was wet and must admit I didn't slip but I haven't been on any muddy slopes yet! The sole doesnt look particularly aggressive but I must admit so far I have been plesantly suprised! I'd say they are more of a light trail shoe I think I would go for some aggressive inov8's in serious mud! 

  • Oh yeah? Do they do any 4 mm or less?
  • yes you could look at the x-talon or baregrip, I haven't tried either though, I have mudclaws but they aren't minimalist image

  • Thank you. Like the look of baregrip a lot
  • I'm a massive brooks pure fan but bought some saucony peregrines which are very similar to brooks. 4mm drop. eorth a look
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