Are you racing tomorrow?

5k park run. Will attempt to go faster than 18:35, but haven't raced in this weather yet. The young whippet who beat me into second place last time we ran if he's around but he's probably faster nowimage


  • Last week was a bugger even at 9am. This week will be much much easier. PB coditions if you have the form. Are yo at Finsbury Park Stephen? Unfortunately 18.35 wouldn't win at Hove Park. You need to be sub 17 at least most weeks.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm hoping that it'll be a 10miler against my husband. Not a proper race but more a pride thing. He's convinced that you don't need to 'train' for 10 miles so i've set the challenge and he has to catch and/or beat me.

    Good luck for your parkrun!

  • Not racing - have to work at our club triathlon tomorrow and Sunday. Lots to do, we are as usual on setting up the bike racks in T1 tomorrow morning, then working on T2 and the finish area. Sunday I'm marshalling on the run course and OH will be taking down T1 once all competitors are out on their bikes. All that is more work than racing - I'll be out there on the  run course more than 8 hours.

  • Brilliant Deano. Fantastic big grey empty box
  • There you go talking about running again KK
  • Not racing this weekend, but from last Monday's I know that my goal is to conquer myself next time, and run with my head as well as my heart.
  • Highbury parkrun came in 3rd @18:29 new pb. It was damp and warm and I started a little faster than I should have. Most of the race was spent battling for 1st place, then Mr Coldplay made his surge and I was racing neck and neck for 2nd until the end.All three of us got pb's which is a good sign.

    Also a I will mention a tiny female person maybe 8 or 9 (shes not in the stats) came in 22nd or 24th in 26 minutes or so!

    Lets just say shes able to get 1 minute faster every year until shes 18!

    Thats not fairimage


  • 9 mile trail tomorrow, but using it as a training session, so not fussed how long it takes... Been training for a 5 mile road race next Friday, so will be a gentle week this week image
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